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Vertical Screw Conveyor Aplications & Limitations

Vertical screw conveyors are very efficient for elevating certain bulk materials; however due to the high speeds and product fallback, they are somewhat limited in the types of products to which they are best suited. Vertical screw conveyors are most effective for elevating materials that are:

Vertical Screw Conveyor Applications
  • Powders to granular
  • Free-flowing to slightly sluggish
  • Medium densities – from 10 PCF TO 50 PCF
  • Dry to low-moisture content
  • Non-abrasive to mildly abrasive
  • Not friable or easily degraded
  • Non-perishable (some product will remain in the conveyor)
  • Discharge height elevations of up to 30 feet

There are some exceptions to the above application guidelines. KWS design and sales professionals are able to assist you in meeting your specific requirements, and supplying the right equipment for your vertical product conveying, manufacturing, and production needs.

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