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Drag Conveyor Engineering Guide

The KWS Dragon-Flite drag conveyor can be your best production booster. It efficiently transfers bulk materials faster and smoother without damaging, agitating or tumbling to keep your production pace flowing. Dragon-Flite has been designed for high performance and low maintenance. The Dragon-Flite is available in both Industrial Duty and Mill Duty to meet your specific application requirements. The Industrial Duty Dragon-Flite is designed to be compact and economical for conveying free flowing and medium density bulk materials. The Mill Duty Dragon-Flite is designed for the toughest, most demanding applications and is suitable for heavy aggregate and abrasive products.

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Advantages of Using KWS Dragon-Flite Drag Conveyors

  • Ideal for handling dry, free-flowing materials
  • Materials are static and move en-masse by paddles or chain
  • Minimal product degradation during conveying
  • Require less horsepower than other types of conveyors
  • Versatile design with inclines up to 30°

Each KWS Dragon-Flite drag conveyor meets rigid quality control standards before leaving the factory. Every unit is preassembled, tested, match marked and disassembled for shipment. All parts are easily accessible for routine maintenance and repair and are easy to source, whether through KWS or your local power transmission distributor.

Available Features and Options for the Dragon-Flite Conveyors

  • Wide range of materials of construction, including carbon steel, 304 and 316-stainless steel, and abrasion resistant steel
  • Heavy duty steel bushed and drop forged chains available
  • Split gland shaft seals standard on the head and tail shafts
  • By-pass inlet options available
  • Self-cleaning designs available
  • Replaceable wear liners available

Let the KWS Dragon-Flite Conveyor be your company’s best asset. Contact us today and we can custom design your Dragon-Flite to help your company’s profits soar.

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