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Employee Environment - KWS Culture

KWS Employee Environment

The management and ownership of KWS truly cares about the health, advancement and well-being of our employees and our local community. We have a duty to provide a safe and enjoyable work environment for all of our employees. The KWS Mission Statement is “Commitment to Customer satisfaction and continual improvement of the system”.

We treat our employees as Customers and focus on their satisfaction. Using employee feedback we continually make improvements at KWS. Our goal is for every KWS employee to have a positive attitude toward their job and to continue striving for improvement.

Safety - KWS Culture

KWS Safety

Safety in the workplace is extremely important to everyone at KWS. KWS has a comprehensive safety program that is reinforced on a daily and weekly basis through safety training and education. KWS works directly with a third-party safety consultant to provide safety training and continually improve the working conditions.

Weekly audits are performed in every department and any discrepancies are immediately documented, addressed and solved. Workplace safety is our Number One priority at KWS.

Education Programs - KWS Culture

KWS Education Program

Employee education allows KWS to retain the most qualified people in our industry. KWS works directly with the State of Texas and has received multiple grants for continuing education. We are currently training over 125 employees and providing over 12,000 hours of training.

For example, all KWS welders are trained and certified to ASME and AWS standards. Our welders produce very high quality welds because of the excellent training that they have received through our education program. Our education objective is for every KWS employee to gain additional skills in an effort to provide exceptional value for our Customers.

Retirement Programs - KWS Culture

KWS Retirement Program

The KWS Retirement Program is a way for KWS to share the profits of the company with our employees. The KWS matching funds correlate directly to the amount contributed by the employee. Most companies limit their matching funds, but every dollar that an employee saves in the KWS Retirement Program is matched.

For example, if an employee chooses to save $10,000 in the KWS Retirement Program, KWS matches with an investment up to $5,000, determined by the profitability of the company. Very few companies offer as generous a retirement program as KWS. Any employee that is willing to invest in their future will realize a significant boost from KWS profitability.

KWS Scholarship Program - The KWS Culture

KWS Scholarship Program

As one of the largest industrial employers in the Burleson, Texas area, KWS provides opportunities for hundreds of local residents. Whether volunteering at our local charities or serving on the board of the Chamber of Commerce, KWS employees are very active in making a difference in the local community.

In addition, KWS regularly contributes to scholarship programs for recent high school graduates. KWS fully understands the need for advanced education and is willing to contribute to make our community better.

KWS Cares Program - The KWS Culture


The CARES program is an amazing way for everyone at KWS to help another employee in need. When a fellow employee has suffered an unforeseen catastrophic or tragic event beyond their control, resulting in a financial hardship for the employee, the KWS CARES program covers the costs for many of their needs. The program allows employees to donate money or vacation time to help the employee in need. KWS then matches any donations $3-to-$1.

Together, we have paid off home mortgages, car loans and medical bills as well as paid for everyday living expenses such as groceries and gas. Our goal is to help ease the financial strain that such unfortunate events can present with a KWS team oriented approach.

KWS continues to search for ways to enhance our position as a good corporate citizen and a great place to work!

KWS Community Partnership

As the largest industrial employer in Johnson County, Texas, KWS has a great partnership with Burleson Independent School District (BISD), providing jobs and education in the fields of engineering and manufacturing. High school students receive an opportunity to learn equipment design and fabrication skills such as welding and machining. Many former students are now full-time KWS employees.

KWS offers a rewarding opportunity for high school students to gain knowledge and experience in an ISO certified manufacturing environment. Scholarships and educational assistance are also available for students to continue their education while working at KWS.

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