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Engineering Services

Our reputation is based on providing the highest quality equipment and services to our many customers. The vast number of services that KWS provides makes us unique among equipment manufacturers. These services are designed to improve your plant processes, reduce maintenance & downtime and increase your profitability.

Engineering Services - KWS Manufacturing

Engineering Services

KWS provides complete engineering services to our customers. These services include system design, process engineering, process layout drawings, equipment drawings, general arrangement drawings and engineering analysis. We use the latest in 3D parametric technology to design equipment and provide layout drawings to our customers. KWS can provide structural analysis for hoppers, bins, silos, supports and other equipment.

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Process Improvement Services - KWS Manufacturing

Process Improvement Services

KWS personnel are available to visit your plant and observe your processes in operation. Meetings with engineering and maintenance personnel are helpful in determining current process issues and possible solutions. KWS will provide documented solutions and estimated cost savings to validate the suggested process improvements. Our process improvement recommendations have saved our customers millions of dollars.

Troubleshooting Services - KWS Manufacturing

Troubleshooting Services

KWS personnel have over 200 years combined experience in solving material handling problems. We can pinpoint the cause of equipment failure and provide long-term solutions. We can design and manufacture replacement components for existing equipment that are much higher in quality than the original equipment. KWS can improve the life of equipment and significantly reduce downtime. Our customers have reduced maintenance costs, increased production and improved profitability.

Plant Survey Services - KWS Manufacturing

Plant Survey Services

Many plants that use bulk material handling equipment do not have complete detail drawings and documentation of the existing equipment. KWS personnel are available for plant visits to measure and document all of the components and assemblies for the bulk material handling equipment in the plant. We will then make dimensional component and assembly drawings of the equipment. We can even manufacture and inventory critical spare parts for you at our facility. These spare parts are available for immediate shipment.

Bulk Material Testing Services - KWS Manufacturing

Bulk Material Testing Services

KWS provides bulk material testing to determine flow characteristics for proper equipment design. Each bulk material has unique properties that effect storage, metering, conveying and processing. Plant and process performance depend on proper equipment design.

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