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KWS Dragon-Flite round bottom drag conveyors are an economical, compact design, used in a wide variety of conveying applications. The KWS Dragon-Flite is used throughout a wide range of industries for conveying many different products and can be relied upon to boost efficiency and keep your processes flowing.

The Dragon-Flite round bottom drag conveyor uses semi-circular UHMW paddles with flight attachments reinforced on heavy duty chain to convey the product en-masse along the length of the conveyor. En-masse conveying is very efficient and reduces horsepower consumption while taking up less space than many other conventional conveying systems. KWS Dragon-Flite round bottom drag conveyors are economically designed with CEMA standard U-troughs.


Sprocket-Idler Return System

The sprocket-idler return system allows increased operating speeds and ensures a quieter, smoother delivery. Rotating return sprockets of ultra-high molecular polyethylene (UHMW) are spaced intermediately in the trough to support the chain and reduce friction. Component life is increased significantly, therefor reducing operating and maintenance costs.

Bypass Inlet

The bypass inlet diverts materials around the return flights to the trough bottom and creates continuous material flow and even distribution in the inlet opening. Wear on the return flights is reduced because the chain and flights are kept out of the material flow. Possible plugging of the inlet caused by material falling through the return flights is also reduced with the use of a bypass inlet.


En-Masse Conveying

Because the KWS Dragon-Flite round bottom drag conveyor utilizes the concept of en-masse conveying, bulk materials are conveyed in much greater volume than in many other types of conveyors. Less space is required for installation and operation, making KWS Dragon-Flite drag conveyors a very cost-effective solution for your conveying needs. En-masse conveyance also reduces breakage of material, making it ideal for handling fragile material.

The en-masse conveyance also reduces breakage of material, making it ideal for handling fragile material.

Versatile Configuration

The KWS Dragon-Flite round bottom duty drag conveyor is very versatile and can move bulk materials in the toughest applications, even on inclines up to 30-degrees. Multiple inlets, intermediate discharges, inspection hatches, and speed switches are available options and can be utilized to customize your drag conveyor to meet the specific demands of the application. With 7 standard sizes and an infinite number of custom options, there is sure to be a configuration to meet your needs.

Self-Cleaning Action

Steel reinforced UHMW flights are contoured to match the round trough bottom and provide effective self-cleaning action to eliminate contamination or product mix. Heavy duty 1/2 and 5/8-inch thick UHMW paddles reduce conveying friction and horsepower requirements. Each paddle is beveled at the top to create a downward force as the paddle travels through the material, efficiently conveying your bulk material while providing excellent product clean out.

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