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Split Tubular Housing

When conveying product at angles steeper than twenty degrees, tubular conveyor housings are typically recommended and used. However, certain applications may require regular inspection of the product, inner conveyor components, or routine cleanout. Standard solid tubular construction makes these functions difficult, or even impossible.

KWS Manufacturing has solved the problem by use of split tubular housings. The KWS split tubular housing allows maximum access and exposure to the internal components and surfaces of the screw conveyor.

Cleanout and maintenance is done easily and in less time than would be required using standard solid tubular housing construction. Split tubular housings can be used on screw conveyors installed from horizontal or inclined all the way up to the vertical position.


Wide Variety of Materials – KWS split tubular conveyor housings may be constructed out of carbon steel, abrasion resistant steel, stainless steel, or special alloys, based on the specific application.


The major benefits are maximum access to internal components, product, and surfaces. Reduced maintenance time required to service or replace internal components, and quicker easier cleanout resulting in lower overall cost of ownership when compared to standard solid tubular designs.

Wide Variety of Applications – Although solid tubular designs are available, KWS Manufacturing Engineering Sales professionals are able to help you determine if the KWS Split Tubular Housing is the right solution to meet the specific requirements for your conveying and production needs.

Clamped both sides - Split Tubular Housing - Features & Benefits - KWS

Clamped both sides

Hinged one side/Clamped one side - Split Tubular Housing - Features & Benefits - KWS

Hinged one side/Clamped one side

Bolted both sides - Split Tubular Housing - Features & Benefits - KWS

Bolted both sides

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