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Discharge Kicker Paddles

Discharge kicker paddles are used to aid in the effective evacuation of clumpy, sluggish, or of materials that tend to mesh from a screw conveyor. They can be used on screw conveyors mounted horizontally, inclined, or vertically.

Vertical screw conveyors elevate product vertically at high speeds and the discharge is at a right angle to the product flow. Use of a standard screw can lead to costly repairs as the result of material being carried past the discharge and forced upward into the seal, bearing, or drive unit.

KWS Manufacturing has solved the problem by use of the proprietary KWS twin kicker paddles at the discharge end of the vertical screw. As the product enters the discharge zone, the twin kicker paddles rotate around and quickly eject the material before it can continue to its upward path potentially causing damage to the equipment.


Wide Variety of Materials – The KWS twin kicker paddles may be constructed out of carbon steel, abrasion resistant steel, stainless steel, or special alloys, based on the screw design and the specific application.


The major benefits are more thorough and efficient product discharge and reduced potential for equipment damage or premature wear to expensive conveyor components.

Wide Variety of Applications – KWS Manufacturing Engineering Sales professionals are able to help you determine if the KWS twin discharge paddles are the right solution to meet the specific requirements for your conveying and production application.

Discharge Kicker Paddles - Features & Benefits - KWS Discharge Kicker Paddles - Features & Benefits - KWS Discharge Kicker Paddles - Features & Benefits - KWS

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