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Horizontal and Vertical Screw Conveyors for Conveying Ready-Mix Joint Compounds

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Plant Name and Location

Freeman Products
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

General Description

Freeman Products manufactures quality drywall products for the commercial and residential markets in the United States. Their central manufacturing facility is located in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma and many types of ready-mix dry wall joint compounds are produced in this facility. Ready-mix joint compounds are pre-made and designed for fast application, easy maintenance and to be light weight. The compounds are a complex combination including water, limestone, expanded perlite, ethylene-vinyl acetate polymer and other ingredients. As part of the joint compound manufacturing process, screw conveyors are used to meter and convey various dry bulk materials to and from mixers and other process equipment. KWS provided both horizontal screw feeders and vertical screw conveyors to Freeman Products for an upgrade to their current process.

Design Parameters

  1. Product Type: Calcium Carbonate and Perlite
  2. Material Density: 36 Lbs. per Cubic Foot
  3. Conveyor System Capacity: 1,200 Cubic Feet per Hour
  4. Duty: 24 Hours per Day, 7 Days per week

KWS Advantages

Freeman Products initially found KWS through a website search and researched our capabilities to determine if we had a solution to their problem. After discussing the application with a KWS engineer, Freeman Products was able to find a solution that worked perfect for them. KWS worked closely with Freeman Products to fully understand their application. A site visit was made by the local KWS representative to gather further information and to finalize the solution. KWS provided a design utilizing both horizontal screw feeders and vertical screw conveyors to meter and elevate pearlite and finished dry joint compounds.

Special Features

KWS designed the conveying system to maximize capacity while minimizing space requirements. The horizontal screw feeders discharged directly into the vertical screw conveyors, eliminating the transition between the two pieces of equipment. KWS also calculated the capacity and horsepower requirements for upset conditions so the system would not stall under load. The vertical screw conveyors were designed to convey bulk materials at high speed and efficiency. The feeders and conveyors were designed to handle a variety of bulk materials with a wide range of densities. Heavy duty carbon steel construction was required due to the abrasiveness of some of the bulk materials. KWS wanted to make sure the system would provide many years of uninterrupted operation.


"Thanks for another solution. Freeman Products appreciates the hard work and fast delivery time for this system."

Alan Semento, Engineering Manager – Freeman Products, Inc.

Calcium Carbonate,Perlite

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