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Heavy-Duty Slide Gates for Wood Chips and Fiber

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Alpharetta, GA

General Description

Bruks is a global leader in mechanical engineering and equipment supply for the bulk material handling industry. Customer service and product performance are at the heart of their corporate culture. Bruks provides specialized customer solutions, including the development of custom machines and systems. Their comprehensive services include project engineering, technical support, start-up training, and remote-monitoring/servicing of machine functions. From truck dumpers to ship loaders, and mobile chippers to stacker reclaimers, Bruks product portfolio provides a wide range of customizable solutions. Bruks needed to replace some existing slide gates for drag chain conveyors that would go downstream from two dry chip silos and 2 dry fiber silos and contacted KWS for the proper solution.

Heavy-Duty Slide Gates for Wood Chips and Fiber - KWS

ISO View of Electrically
Operated Slide Gate

Design Parameters

  1. Product Type: Wood Chips and Fiber
  2. Duty: 24 Hours per Day, 7 Days per Week

KWS Advantages

KWS worked with the project manager from Bruks to design new extra heavy-duty slide gates to fit the existing equipment. KWS has a very diverse line of mechanical conveyors and accessories for almost every bulk material. KWS slide gates are designed for extreme conditions.

The KWS engineering team collaborated with Bruks engineers to ensure proper fit-up. These efforts made for seamless installation and performance in the field.

Special Features

Heavy-Duty Slide Gates for Wood Chips and Fiber - KWS

Close Up View Shows Rollers and
UHMW Slide Plate Retainers

The new KWS slide gates are electrically actuated and used to control the flow of bulk materials from the dry chip and fiber silos. The gate blade could be stopped in an exact position to allow for controlled flow of the wood chips and fiber. The electrical actuators utilize heavy-duty acme screws that produce over 5,000 lbs. of force for opening and closing under load and for long life. The slide gate frame and slide plate are constructed from heavy-duty carbon steel with 1/2-inch thick UHMW slide plate retainers. The slide plate retainers provide for free flow of bulk materials. All KWS slide gates use heavy-duty stainless steel rollers with bronze bushings that require no lubrication.


"It has been a pleasure working with KWS and the engineering team. Look for more projects like this one in the future."

Nicholas Palaio, Project Manager – Bruks

Heavy-Duty Slide Gates for Wood Chips and Fiber - KWS

Cut Away View Showing
Gate Blade and Rollers

Wood Chips,Wood Fiber

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