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Biosolids Load Out System for Doe Branch WRP Little Elm, Texas

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End User or Owner

Upper Trinity Regional Water District
Lewisville, Texas

Consulting Engineer

CDM Smith
Dallas, Texas


CDM Constructors, Inc.
Dallas, Texas

Plant Name and Location

Doe Branch WRP
Little Elm, Texas

General Description

The Upper Trinity Regional Water District collects and treats wastewater from homes and businesses through a network of pipes that connect to water reclamation plants. After the wastewater is delivered to one of Upper Trinity’s water reclamation plants, it goes through several treatment processes including: pre-treatment, primary treatment, secondary treatment and disinfection. The Doe Branch Water Reclamation Plant (WRP) is one of several facilities within the Upper Trinity Regional Water District. The Doe Branch WRP was at capacity and needed to add a centrifuge and screw conveyor system for loading dewatered biosolids to trucks.

KWS Environmental provided a truck loading system consisting of an inclined shaftless screw conveyor, supports, isolating slide gate, drain valve and control panels.

Design Parameters

  1. Type of Sludge: Municipal Dewatered Biosolids
  2. Material Density – max: 62 to 68 Lbs. per Cubic Foot
  3. Solids, percent by weight: 23-percent
  4. Capacity (max): 5.1 Wet Tons per Hour
  5. Capacity: 150 Cubic Feet per Hour
  6. Duty: 24 Hours per Day, 7 Days per Week

KWS Advantages

Biosolids Load Out System for Doe Branch WRP in Little Elm, Texas

KWS Environmental provided a fully engineered system including design (mechanical, controls and instrumentation), manufacture in the US, delivery and startup services. KWS Environmental assisted CDM Smith with the system design to ensure that the shaftless screw conveyor was used effectively to separate the low solids discharge from the centrifuge and divert it to a drain. It is important that only high solids biosolids are sent to disposal to save on hauling costs and prevent spillage during transport. KWS Environmental fully understood the application and the characteristics of the biosolids dewatered by the centrifuge.

Special Features

Biosolids Load Out System for Doe Branch WRP in Little Elm, Texas

KWS Environmental provided an electrically operated drain valve on the lower end of the inclined shaftless screw conveyor that was used to open the drain when low solids were detected. Then, the valve would close when higher solids cake were detected minimizing the amount of liquids being conveyed to disposal. The drain valve was controlled by the centrifuge control panel that detected load on the centrifuge motor. The use of the drain valve eliminated the need for a special diverter gate, making the layout simpler and more economical.

The KWS Environmental shaftless screw conveyor was very rugged and designed for many years of service without downtime. The KWS-350 micro alloy spirals are the hardest and toughest in the industry and provide long life. The unit is designed to be water-tight to prevent any leakage of product.

The KWS Environmental control panel provided full control of the system in Auto and Local modes so that the two loading bay dumpsters could be efficiently loaded by plant operators.

KWS Environmental also provided a qualified engineer for start-up and training services. Spare parts, including a shaftless spiral and liners were delivered to the site for future maintenance issues.


"We appreciated having a manufacturer with full engineering and site support located so close to our site. It simplified the whole process and delivery arrived right when you said it would."

Jose Rojas, Construction Specialist – CDM Constructors, Inc.

Biosolids Load Out System for Doe Branch WRP in Little Elm, TexasBiosolids Load Out System for Doe Branch WRP in Little Elm, Texas
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