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Ladders and Safety Gates for Elevated Platforms

Safe operation of bulk material handling and processing equipment is important to every end user and operator. Elevated platforms are common in processing plants to provide access to motors, gear reducers, seals and bearings. Safe access to maintenance platforms is required to perform periodic inspections and maintenance. KWS offers fixed ladders and safety gates that meet OSHA and ANSI standards and allow for easy and safe access to bulk material handling equipment.


Features & Benefits – Ladders and Safety Gates for Elevated Platforms

Fixed Ladders Provide Safe Access to Elevated Platforms

Proven Design – Ladders and safety gates are used in thousands of processing plants for elevated platforms. Designs are load-tested for worst-case conditions. Ladders are equipped with walk-through handrails, self-closing safety gates and personal fall arrest systems to meet OSHA 1910 Subpart D and ANSI A1264.1-2017 safety guidelines.

Simple Installation – Ladders are modular in design with bolt-on brackets. Safety gates can either be bolted or welded in place.


Life Saving – Ladders are equipped with a fall arrest system to eliminate injuries due to falls. Safety gates are spring loaded to automatically close and cover openings where a worker could fall through.

Long Service Life – Ladders and safety gates are manufactured from heavy-duty carbon steel for long service life. Stainless steel construction is available for chemical-duty environments.

Features & Benefits – Ladders and Safety Gates for Elevated Platforms

Safety Gates are Spring Loaded and Automatically Close

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