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Screw Conveyor Hardsurfacing for Abrasive Applications

KWS provides screw conveyors manufactured from many commercially available abrasion-resistant materials. Metals such as AR-235, AR-400 and AR-500 plate are used in many abrasive applications. Hardsurfacing, also known as hardfacing, is the application of wear-resistant metals to the flight surface by means of welding. KWS hardsurfaced screws are designed to eliminate excessive wear on flights while conveying abrasive bulk materials. A hardsurface alloy is typically welded to the carrying side of the flighting face. When handling extremely abrasive bulk materials such as glass cullet or wood bark, the non-carrying side and outside diameter of the flight as well as the outer surface of the center pipe can be hardsurfaced to prevent wear of the softer base materials.

Screw Conveyor Hardsurfacing for Abrasive Applications
Screw Conveyor Hardsurfacing for Abrasive Applications

Hardsurfacing materials manufactured by Postle Industries, Allied Welding and Stellite are commonly used by KWS. Many other hardsurface alloys are available. The chart provided shows the standard width of hardsurfacing for a specific screw conveyor diameter. Please consult KWS Engineering or your KWS Salesperson to determine the best solution for your application.

Additional consideration must be given to selecting the proper coupling shafts and hanger bearings for an abrasive application. Hard iron bearings and hardened coupling shafts are sufficient for most moderately abrasive applications such as handling crushed limestone or Portland cement. For severely abrasive applications such as handling alumina or flyash, Stellite sleeved bearings and couplings shafts are typically required.

Width of
4” 3/4”
6” 1”
9” 1-1/2”
12” 2”
14” 2”
16” 2-1/2”
18” 2-1/2”
20” 3”
24” 3”
30” 4”
36” 4”

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