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Diverter Gate Separates Biosolids Cake from Centrate Abington Regional WWTP (Includes Animation!)

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Quandel Abington Regional Wastewater Authority
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End User or Owner

Abington Regional WWTP
Chinchilla, PA

Consulting Engineer

Gannett Fleming Engineers Inc.
Harrisburg, PA


Quandel Construction Group, Inc.
Harrisburg, PA

Plant Name and Location

Abington Regional WWTP
Chinchilla, PA

General Description

The Abington Regional Water Authority (ARWA) was founded as a municipal authority by joint acts of Clarks Summit Borough and South Abington Township in 1967. The Authority functions as an independent agency of the Commonwealth charged with the operation and maintenance of the treatment facility. As part of a system for dewatering biosolids, a diverter gate was required at the discharge of a centrifuge. The gate provided a compact and reliable means of separating low solids material from high solids biosolids cake and was critical to ensuring that water was not re-introduced to the process stream. Higher solids biosolids discharge to a loading conveyor below. Centrate, or low solids material are diverted to a drain. KWS designed and supplied the diverter gate and discharge chute with piping to the centrate line.

Design Parameters

The hydraulic feed rate to the centrifuge is 200 to 220 gallons per minute. The KWS diverter gate was designed to bypass a minimum of 250 gallons per minute through the diverter gate drain in a start-up or worst case condition. Maximum wet cake capacity discharging through the gate to the Loading Conveyor was 8 to 10 wet tons per hour.

The KWS Diverter Gate had the following design features:

  • Drip and Leak Free
  • Divert Low-Solids Liquid to 6-Inch Drain
  • Provide uninhibited High-Solids Biosolids Flow to Downstream Conveyor
  • Fit Existing Space Constraints
  • Operate Easily Under all Loading Conditions
  • Include Spray Wash System for Cleaning

KWS Advantages

KWS provides custom-designed diverter gates to comply with the unique conditions of each application. KWS provided a fully engineered system including design (mechanical, controls and instrumentation) that fit into the limited available space and included the required design features. As a US-based manufacturer, KWS provides full after-sales support including startup services and spare parts. Using KWS 3D modeling the interfaces with the building and process equipment was managed to ensure ease of installation and use.

Special Features

The KWS Diverter Gate featured stainless steel, bronze-bushed rollers for low resistance gate movement. The gate actuator was designed to meet the specific application requirements including opening and closing speed and interfacing with the centrifuge control system. The KWS modular design allowed use of a standard, proven gate assembly with a custom, project specific inlet chute arrangement ensuring dependable gate performance and short lead time.


"We recommend KWS diverter gates to our Customers where quality, reliability and after sales support is important to them."

Ed Zalewski, Sherwood Logan & Associates

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