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Diverter Gate Located Below Centrifuge for Biosolids Lebanon, PA Authority WWTP (Includes Animation!)

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Diverter Gate Located Below Centrifuge for Biosolids: City of Lebanon Authority WWTP
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Plant Name and Location

City of Lebanon Authority WWTP
Lebanon, PA 17042

Consulting Engineer

Gannett Fleming Engineers Inc.
Harrisburg, PA 17106-7100


Allen A. Myers, Inc.
Worcester, PA 19490

General Description

Diverter gate assembly is mounted at the discharge of the centrifuge at a Environmental plant. The gate provides a compact and reliable means of separating low solids material from biosolids cake and is critical to ensuring that water is not re-introduced to the process stream. KWS designed and supplied the gate and drain piping to the centrate line as well as a control station to allow local operation of the gate for manual operation and maintenance.

Design Parameters

  1. Product Type: Dewatered Biosolids
  2. Material Density: 55 to 65 Lbs. per Cubic Foot
  3. Solids, Percent by Weight: 20%
  4. Capacity: 8 to 10 wet tons per hour

KWS Advantages

The diverter gate was designed to integrate with the centrifuge and the worst-case operating conditions of the system. KWS designed the drain and centrate lines for the full stream of liquids at 220 gallons per minute. The gate opening utilized the full length and width of the centrifuge opening to allow for complete discharge of dewatered biosolids cake. KWS provided a fully engineered package including design (mechanical, controls and instrumentation), manufacture in the US, delivery and startup services. Using KWS 3D modeling the interfaces with the building and process equipment was managed to ensure ease of installation and use.

Special Features

Modular diverter gate design allows use of a standard, proven gate assembly and a custom, project specific inlet chute arrangement. This ensures dependable gate performance and a short design cycle. KWS standard stainless steel gate rollers with bronze bushings allow the gate to freely operate and require no maintenance. Leak resistant neoprene rubber seals keep the gate blade sealed in the closed position. Powerful, multi-turn actuator generates up to 7,000-lbs of open and closing force. Local control panels are integrated into the system to allow for both automatic and manual use.


"KWS produces well engineered and built diverter gates. We have purchased these gates for a number of facilities and are satisfied with KWS and the equipment they supply."

Ed Zalewski, Sherwood Logan & Associates

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