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Biosolids Load Out System for Elmira Wastewater Treatment Plant Ontario, Canada

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End User or Owner

Regional Municipality of Waterloo
Kitchener, Ontario

Consulting Engineer

Cole Engineering
Markham, ON Canada


Stone Town Construction
St. Marys, ON Canada

Plant Name and Location

Elmira WWTP
Elmira, Ontario

General Description

The Elmira Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) services the Town of Elmira, Ontario, which is located approximately 15 km north of Kitchener/Waterloo. It is owned by the Region of Waterloo and operated by Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA). The plant is rated for an average day flow (ADF) capacity of 7,800 cubic meters per day and a peak flow capacity of 19,500 cubic meters per day.

In 2011 a plant expansion was completed which included a new centrifuge and the following equipment provided by KWS Environmental; a diverter gate, shaftless screw conveyors, distribution slide gates. The load out system transferred dewatered biosolids from a centrifuge to a loading bay and evenly distributed the biosolids in a dumpster. KWS Environmental also provided controls, instrumentation and start-up services. The load out system is designed with a provision for truck load out in the future.

Design Parameters

  1. Type of Sludge: Dewatered Biosolids, thickened, waste activated
  2. Material Density: 60-65 lbs. per Cubic Foot
  3. Solids: 15 to 30-percent
  4. Capacity: 4 Wet Tons per Hour
  5. Capacity: 140 Cubic Feet per Hour

KWS Advantages

KWS Environmental provided a complete system from the discharge of the centrifuge to the dumpster, from detailed design to final commissioning. The diverter gate was located at the centrifuge discharge to only pass high-solids biosolids to the downstream equipment. The shaftless screw conveyors transferred the biosolids to the dumpster. Multiple slide gates were located along the length of the final screw conveyor, evenly distributing biosolids in the dumpster. KWS Environmental also provided controls and instrumentation for a complete and operable system. The load out system was simple to use and maintain system. All of the Customer’s needs were met.

Special Features

The KWS diverter gate separates low solids material from the product stream and diverts it back to the centrate line. Only high solids biosolids are discharged to the screw conveyors and loaded to the dumpster. The KWS shaftless screw conveyors were constructed from 304 stainless steel with wear-resistant shaftless spirals that require very little maintenance. The slide gates on the distribution conveyor are drip-proof to prevent any unwanted leakage. The complete load out system is sealed for odor control.


"The equipment is installed in an existing building which was very limited in space. We appreciated the care and skill KWS demonstrated to make sure everything fit up easily and commissioned without issue."

Scott Schiedel, Project Manager – Stone Town Construction

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