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Live Bottom Bin Replacement Screws

Live Bottom Bins are an important part of the process for storing and metering bulk materials. Many of these bulk materials are used as alternative fuels for the Minerals Processing, Pulp & Paper and Chemical industries. Typical alternative fuel sources are wood chips, bark, sawdust, tire-derived-fuel (TDF), waste plastic and petroleum coke. These alternative fuels are used to fire boilers, kilns and furnaces.

Live Bottom Bins consist of a storage hopper with multiple screws in the bottom. Hopper storage capacity is dependent on process requirements. The live bottom screws span the length and width of the storage hopper and are designed to remove the bulk materials at a consistent rate to feed the process. The Live Bottom Bins are designed to promote mass-flow and eliminate material bridging or arching in the hopper.

KWS provides complete Live Bottom Bin systems or replacement screws for existing systems. The application shown is for Smurfit Stone Container. The customer contacted KWS to review the existing Live Bottom Bin system and to provide replacement screws. Each Live Bottom Bin consisted of a hopper with twelve screws. A KWS Field Engineer went to the site and measured each screw to determine exact dimensions. KWS evaluated the wear on the existing screws and recommended a design change and the use of weld-on hardsurfacing material to reduce the wear and significantly increase the life of the screws. A three dimensional drawing of the screws was created and all dimensions were verified. KWS delivered twelve new screws within four weeks after order and in time to meet the customer’s maintenance shutdown. Smurfit Stone Container has been extremely satisfied with the quality and service provided by KWS.

Special Features

  • Variable Pitch Flights – To Promote Mass Flow
  • Oversized Center Pipe – To Increase Rigidity and Torsional Rating
  • Hardsurfaced Flights and Pipe – To Reduce Wear and Increase Life
  • Flanged Screw Design – To Allow for Easy Removal and Installation
Live Bottom Bin Replacement Screws - KWS Manufacturing Live Bottom Bin Replacement Screws - KWS Manufacturing Live Bottom Bin Replacement Screws - KWS Manufacturing

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