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Pneumatic Slide Gate

KWS pneumatic slide gates are used in a wide variety of applications. They can be used on the bottom of screw conveyors as intermediate discharges, below hoppers as cut off valves, or even as emergency shut off gates to stop material surges.

KWS’s pneumatic slide gates use a pneumatic (air) cylinder to actuate the slide plate open and close. Typically, shop air (approximately 80 psi) is all that is required to power this multi-use gate. The slide plate is guided by bronze-bushed rollers on the bottom and 1/2” thick UHMW slide plate retainers on the top. The rollers require no grease and are adjustable in order to provide years of maintenance free service. Replacement parts are easy to source and low cost. Most replacement parts can be sourced from any local parts distributor or fabricated in a short time.


KWS Pneumatic Slide Gates - Features & Benefits - KWS

Heavy Duty Slide Plate – The slide plates are made from 3/16" up to 1/2" thick solid carbon or stainless steel. The corners are radiused in order to prevent the slide plate from binding up when actuating open or closed. The pneumatic cylinder’s clevis is directly attached to the tail end of the slide plate for a compact and economical design.

KWS Pneumatic Slide Gates - Features & Benefits - KWS

UHMW Retainers – The 1/2" thick Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyurethane (UHMW) slide plate retainers are held in place with a minimum of two countersunk bolts on each side. The countersunk bolts are used to avoid obstructing material flow. The top of the UHMW retainers are beveled to divert product flow around the edges of the slide plate and protect the rollers below. UHMW is used because of its durability and high release properties.


Compact Design – The KWS pneumatic slide gate’s compact design allows it to fit in almost any space. The height is only 5" and length and width are minimized using 3D CAD design technology. The compact, modular design allows for the integration of solenoids, filter/regulators, and position switches.

Versatile and Rugged – Custom designed pneumatic slide gates can be built to fit any application. The slide gate frame and slide plate can be fabricated from a wide variety of materials and thicknesses. Inlet and discharge transitions can be adapted to fit any opening configuration. Large diameter bore cylinders can be utilized for head loads and tough applications. This versatility allows the design to be custom tailored to fit any application and/or design conditions.

KWS Pneumatic Slide Gates - Features & Benefits - KWS KWS Pneumatic Slide Gates - Features & Benefits - KWS KWS Pneumatic Slide Gates - Features & Benefits - KWS

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