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Flanged Gland Seals

Flanged gland seals are shaft seals that mount to the outside of pedestal trough ends and are used to prevent bulk materials from leaking out of a screw conveyor or feeder.

Flanged gland seals consist of an outer housing, multiple rings of packing and a follower. The packing material is ½-inch square braided rope that fits tightly in the outer housing and around the shaft diameter. The follower is used to compress the packing and create a seal between the shaft and housing.


Flanged Gland Seals - Features & Benefits - KWS

Wide Variety of Construction Materials – The outer housing and follower can be made from carbon steel, stainless steel or high-nickel alloys for corrosion resistance or high-temperature applications

Multiple Rings of Packing – Each ring of packing acts as a seal. Up to five rings of packing can be used create a seal around the shaft.

Wide Variety of Packing Materials – The ½-inch square braided rope packing is available in many different materials. Graphite impregnated packing is used in most industrial applications. Teflon packing is used in the chemical industry and ceramic fiber packing is used for high temperature applications.

Purge Option is Available – Flanged gland seals can be purged with air, nitrogen, grease or other purging medium to prevent bulk materials from leaking out. An air or nitrogen purge can create a positive pressure in the seals to overcome an internal pressure in the conveyor or feeder.


Creates Positive Seal Around Shaft – A positive seal is created as the packing material is compressed around the shaft. Tightening the follower can increase the compression force.

Protects Personnel and Equipment – Bulk materials that are hazardous, corrosive or combustible are contained within the conveyor or feeder preventing safety issues or equipment failure.

Ease of Maintenance – The braided rope packing can be replaced in minutes. The follower can be removed to allow access to the packing.

Very Cost Effective – Other seals on the market cost up to ten times more than a flanged gland seal. Also, most require a purge in order to operate.

Flanged Gland Seals - Features & Benefits - KWS Flanged Gland Seals - Features & Benefits - KWS Flanged Gland Seals - Features & Benefits - KWS

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