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Bulkhead Trough Ends

Bulkhead trough ends are trough ends that include a removable mounting plate for the drive or bearing. Bulkhead trough ends give greater range and versatility in the selection of seals, bearings, and drives over standard trough ends. They are used for more demanding applications.

By providing space between the trough end and the drive mounting plate, bulkhead trough ends help prevent contamination of the drive or bearing. This space also helps protect the drive or bearing from heat when conveying high temperature products.


Unique Design – Our unique design utilizes a trough end with a welded standoff and removable mounting plate that provides complete rigidity and ensures no drive movement.

Wide Variety of Construction Materials – Bulkhead trough ends can be constructed out of carbon steel, stainless steel, or high-nickel alloys for corrosion resistance or high temperature applications.

Wide Variety of Seal Options – Bulkhead trough ends are designed to accept flanged gland seals with multiple rings of packing, split gland packing seals with a single ring of packing, waste pack seals, air or nitrogen purged seals, food grade seals, mechanical seals, or even custom designed seals.

Wide Variety of Drive and Bearing Options – Bulkhead trough ends are designed to accept seals, drives and bearing units from nearly all manufacturers.


Protect Drives and Bearings from Heat and Contamination – The bulkhead design moves the drive or bearing away from the trough end and potential contamination or damage from either abrasive or corrosive products or products conveyed at elevated temperatures.

Used in Wide Variety of Applications – Because of the variety of construction materials, pedestal trough ends can be used in everything from food grade to heavy industrial grade applications.

Eliminate Torque Arm – Bulkhead trough ends provide a rigid removable mounting surface for ease of installation, easy replacement, and elimination of cumbersome torque arms. Drive movement is eliminated by flange mounting the drive to the removable mounting plate.

Ease of Maintenance – Both the shaft seal and drive or bearing can be easily accessed for maintenance and replacement. The bulkhead design allows for replacement of the seal packing on flanged and split gland seals. Drives or bearings can be easily lubricated and inspected.

Bulkhead Trough Ends - Features & Benefits - KWS Bulkhead Trough Ends - Features & Benefits - KWS Bulkhead Trough Ends - Features & Benefits - KWS

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