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Traditionally, belt-type bucket elevators utilize pulleys to drive and stabilize the belt. These pulleys are built to meet and/or exceed CEMA construction standards for conveyor pulleys.

KWS Manufacturing belt-type bucket elevators include a heavy-duty drum pulley in the head section and heavy-duty wing pulley in the tail section. Both pulleys are a crown faced design for maximum pulley strength, balance and belt tracking. Both pulleys come complete with tapered bore hubs designed specifically for conveyor pulleys for dependable mounting of the pulleys to the head and tail shafts.

The head drum pulley is available with lagging in various styles, patterns and durometers. Lagging offers increased belt traction and eliminates wear on the pulley rims due to abrasive conditions. The tail slatted wing pulley offers a self-cleaning design constructed with open voids that allow loose material to fall away from the contact surface.


KWS Bucket Elevator Pulleys - Features & Benefits - KWS

The KWS head pulleys are generally supplied with 3/8” thick herringbone lagging. The herringbone grooves provide a path for liquids and other particles to escape between the pulley face and belt.

The KWS tail pulley expels excessive buildup of material from the area of belt contact for enhanced belt traction and reduced abrasion on both the belt and pulley.


The major benefits are less maintenance, extended life, and lower cost of ownership when compared to other types of pulleys.

KWS Bucket Elevator Pulleys - Features & Benefits - KWS KWS Bucket Elevator Pulleys - Features & Benefits - KWS KWS Bucket Elevator Pulleys - Features & Benefits - KWS

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