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What is Crax?

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What is Crax? - KWS Ask the Experts

Inedible Meat is Recycled by Rendering Process


The rendering process recycles animal waste into usable materials such as fats, oils, and protein meal. How is meat and bone meal created and what is Crax?


In a rendering plant, when meat leaves the cooker, it is known as cooked meat or “Crax”. The first step in processing Crax is passive separation using a sedimentor or percolation pan. Both machines use a perforated bottom trough to allow free liquid fat to drain off. The liquid fat still contains some solids, which settle to the bottom of the tank. The solids are then returned to the main solids flow by the Crax conveyor. The Crax conveyor feeds a surge bin. The surge bin feeds material back to the cooker conveyors.

Crax is typically conveyed through a series of screw conveyors to screw presses or expellers. Most rendering plants have one to eight presses. One screw conveyor distributes Crax to screw feeders that accurately feed each press. Left over Crax is conveyed in a recycle loop back to the presses.

Crax discharges from the presses in two places. Crax discharged from one side is called Dry Crax or Crax Cake. Dry Crax is ready for grinding to make meal. Crax discharged from the other side is called Wet Crax. Wet Crax containing liquid fat then goes through a cage screen and to a Wet Crax conveyor with a perforated bottom trough to remove liquid fat. Liquid fat is then pumped to fat polishing. The rest of the Wet Crax is recycled back to the presses until Dry Crax is produced. Dry Crax is the main ingredient in Meat and Bone Meal.

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What is Crax? - KWS Ask the Experts

In the Rendering Process, Meat is Cooked to Separate Fats from Solids

What is Crax? - KWS Ask the Experts

Multiple Screw Presses Remove Oil from Crax

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