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Placement of Hanger Pockets on Tubular Trough Screw Conveyor


I have a tubular trough screw conveyor that requires a hanger bearing. I will be installing a hanger pocket to allow for this hanger bearing. Does it matter where this hanger pocket is located?


When adding hanger pockets to a tubular trough screw conveyor make sure the hanger pockets do not interfere with trough flanges. Hanger pockets must be offset from the trough flanges.

For Example

A 24-foot long tubular trough screw conveyor consists of two 6-foot long tubular troughs, one 12-foot long tubular trough with two 11-foot, 9-inch long screws and corresponding inlet and discharge.

KWS recommends using one 6-foot long tubular trough as the first section, and the other 6-foot long trough as the third section. The 12-foot long trough is to be used as the second (or middle) trough in the system. The first 11-foot, 9-inch long screw will project halfway through the 12-foot long trough, which centers the hanger pocket on the trough. In addition to avoiding trough flanges when determining hanger pocket locations, it is preferable to place a hanger pocket in the middle of a trough section when possible.

Placement of Hanger Pockets on Tubular Trough Screw Conveyor - KWS Ask the Experts

If your conveyor system has additional hanger pockets, follow the same procedure when designing the conveyor to ensure that all hanger pockets avoid trough flanges, and center all hanger pockets on a trough when possible.

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