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KWS Repairs and Rebuilds Existing Screws For a Quarter of the Cost of a New Unit

A major recycling company uses specially designed screw conveyors for conveying wet paper pulp as it discharges from pulp presses. The screw conveyors utilize special cut-and-folded flights and are constructed from 317L stainless steel materials. These materials are very expensive and the cost of a new unit can easily exceed $100,000.00.

KWS repairs and rebuilds the existing screws for less than a quarter of the cost of a new unit. Typical repairs include resurfacing the shafts in the seal and bearing area and replacing worn or bent screw flights. KWS is the only screw conveyor manufacturer with the machining capabilities to hold run-out tolerances of less than 0.003-inches. The close tolerances ensure that the screws will run true eliminating downtime and increasing the life of the equipment.

KWS repairs return OEM equipment to original specifications.

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