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Swiveling Screw Feeder to Meter Fungicide Crop Sciences Company

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Bayer CropScience
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

General Description

Bayer CropScience, one of three core businesses within the global Bayer Group along with Bayer Healthcare and Bayer MaterialScience, is a leader in Canadian crop production. Bayer CropScience offers Canadian farmers a wide choice of solutions with an integrated product portfolio of crop protection products, seed treatment technologies and plant biotechnology. They operate a formulation and distribution facility in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. For this project, Bayer CropScience required an inclined screw feeder to meter Folicur powder from a mixer to a dryer. Folicur powder is a fungicide applied to many types of fruits, vegetables, and grains up to twice per growing season. After a batch is washed and mixed with alcohol, acetone, and/or water to achieve crystallization, it is accurately metered to a dryer with a KWS screw feeder. The Customer was in need of KWS’s services and expertise again and acquired a duplicate screw feeder for their facility in Kansas City, MO.

Design Parameters

  1. Product Type: Fungicide powder (Various fine, dry free flowing powder materials)
  2. Material Density: 85 – 94 Pounds per Cubic Foot
  3. System Capacity: 93 Cubic Feet per Hour
  4. Duty: 8-12 Hours per Day, 7 Days per Week
Swiveling Screw Feeder to Meter Fungicide for Crop Sciences Company
Swiveling Screw Feeder to Meter Fungicide for Crop Sciences Company

KWS Advantages

The original project was brought to KWS by Stuart Systems, the KWS manufacturer representative for Nebraska, Kansas, and western portions of Missouri and Iowa. KWS utilizes a highly qualified manufacturer rep network that has long-standing relationships with many end users. Bayer CropScience had originally obtained a recommendation for the feeder solution from Jenike & Johanson. J&J is widely respected as the bulk material handling industry’s leading consultant. Naturally, KWS has worked together with J&J on many successful projects since KWS has more engineering expertise than any other screw conveyor manufacturer in the world. Bayer CropScience wanted to make sure that they were going to be supplied with high quality engineering, manufacturing and service and chose KWS as the supplier for their project. The specifications required that the equipment had to be easily and properly cleaned with strong solvents due to changes in material formulations. Failure to clean the internal and external surfaces of the screw feeder properly could result in product contamination and crop damage. Motors and sensors had to be explosion-proof and the screw feeder had to be portable for storage when not in use. KWS has extensive experience designing custom-made equipment to fit the Customer’s exact needs. Bayer CropScience was so pleased with KWS and the screw feeder that they purchased a duplicate screw feeder when their production demands increased.

Special Features

KWS engineers designed a special screw feeder for the application. The screw feeder was located on a 16-degree incline and accurately metered product from a mixer to a dryer. Special close-tolerance, variable-pitch flights increased conveying efficiency and improved the ability to clean the unit between batches. The drive was configured on the inlet end to conserve space. KWS utilized air-purged CinchSeal shaft seals to prevent leakage of the fine powder. Also, KWS provided all of the safety features required by Bayer CropScience such as safety screens, emergency stop switches and grounding lugs. The screw feeder was designed and manufactured using 316-stainless steel to prevent corrosion from the cleaning solvents. The screw feeder was designed to be portable so the Customer could move it away and store it whenever not in use. KWS designed and manufactured a special roll-around base with casters. The screw feeder support on the inlet end was designed so that it could swivel up and down allowing the screw feeder to telescope for horizontal storage. KWS fully satisfied the needs of Bayer CropScience on multiple occasions so the Customer could continue their vision of "Science for a Better Life."


"The new equipment provided by KWS has been working as expected and has helped us achieve our goals. Thanks!!"

Ibo Makhwaje – Engineering Dept, Bayer Cropscience

Swiveling Screw Feeder to Meter Fungicide for Crop Sciences Company Swiveling Screw Feeder to Meter Fungicide for Crop Sciences Company

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