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Store and Transport Residuals of Dewatered Screenings and Grit Wastewater Facility in Hamilton, ON

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Store and Transport Residuals From Municipal Wastewater Facility: Woodward Ave. WWTPPlant Name and Location

Woodward Ave. WWTP
Hamilton, ON Canada

End User or Owner

City of Hamilton
Hamilton, ON Canada

Consulting Engineer

Markham, ON L3T 7W3


Malfar Mechanical Inc.
Woodbridge, ON L4L 7Y3

General Description

KWS addressed a customer need to store and transport residuals from the Headworks process area of a municipal wastewater facility. The residuals from this part of the plant are dewatered screenings and grit which are very odorous and may pose a health risk to operations staff. Furthermore, the area is deemed high risk of explosion and equipment must be designated explosion proof (i.e. NEMA 7/9 electrical rating).

The goal was to design a Bin that was completely enclosed, required little or no operator intervention and could be transported to landfill without opening until arrival at the landfill.

Design Parameters

Parameter Screenings Grit Total
Feedrate: 2.1 m3/hr 3.0 m3/hr 5.1 m3/hr
Density: 1000 kgs/m3 1400 kgs/m3 1000-1400 kgs/m3
Storage Capacity: 15 m3

KWS Advantages

KWS designed and manufactured an integrated design of all components and assemblies which required expertise with; fabrication (dumpster enclosure), screw conveyor manufacture (leveling screw), instrumentation, motion sensors, level sensors, overload protection, controls, explosion proof control panel.

Special Features

Totally enclosed, self-leveling Bin that requires little operator operation. When the Bin is moved into location, the operator “plugs-in” the Bin using an explosion proof plug on an umbilical cord from the plant controls. The Bin loads and warns the operator in a remote control room that the Bin is nearing full condition. The leveling screw ensures that the Bin volume is used efficiently.


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