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Loading Shredded Rubber into Super Sacks

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Loading Shredded Rubber into Super Sacks Genan PlantPlant Name and Location

Genan, Inc.
Houston, TX 77049

General Description

Genan, the largest scrap tire recycler in the world, needed a solution for feeding and elevating shredded rubber into super sacks. Shredded rubber is loaded in bulk into a hopper with an inclined screw feeder and discharged into a bucket elevator where it lifts the rubber and discharges into new super sacks. The shredded rubber is used in the manufacture of new tires, additives in asphalt and to cushion artificial turf in sports fields or playgrounds.

Design Parameters

  1. Product Type: Shredded Rubber
  2. Material Characteristics: Dry & Free Flowing
  3. Material Density: 35 Lbs. per Cubic Foot
  4. Conveyor Capacity: 875 Cubic feet per Hour
  5. Duty: 16 Hours per Day, 7 Days per Week
Loading Shredded Rubber into Super Sacks

KWS Advantages

Genan wanted to eliminate the need for a truck ramp so the hopper could be loaded from ground level. KWS utilized a flared trough design on the inclined screw feeder to allow for more capacity in the hopper. The bucket elevator needed to have a low discharge height to load new bulk bags. KWS engineers modeled the system utilizing the latest in 3D parametric software to eliminate any interference and to work around space constraints.

Special Features

Shredded rubber has a tendency to clump when stored or compressed. The screw feeder used cut flights and breaker bars to chop up any clumps of rubber that might have formed while stored. In order to meet the space constraints of the plant a special transition was made to connect the screw feeder and bucket elevator so product wouldn’t bridge between the two pieces of equipment. The bucket elevator discharge and transition chute were designed to accommodate the filling of bulk bags.


"I think you did an excellent job of keeping us up to date and looking out for our best interests!"

Kevin Davis, Director of Logistics and Order Fulfillment

Loading Shredded Rubber into Super Sacks Loading Shredded Rubber into Super Sacks
Loading Shredded Rubber into Super Sacks

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