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Inclined Screw Conveyor Simplifies Process Layout Shaw Industries in Dalton, GA

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--> Plant Location

Shaw Plant #80
Dalton, GA

General Description

Shaw Industries is an international flooring manufacturer based in Dalton, GA. Shaw produces many types of flooring solutions such as carpet, hardwoods and laminates as well as synthetic turf for residential and commercial markets.

At one of the Shaw plants, old carpet is recycled for use in other products. Certain portions of carpet can be reused, but the refuse is typically used as a fuel source to provide additional energy for the plant. A dust collection system is in place to collect the dust and ash from the power boilers, keeping it from escaping into the environment. An existing screw conveyor was located under the dust collector to collect dust from each of four discharge points. KWS designed a new inclined screw conveyor to receive dust and ash from the collection screw conveyor and reintroduce it back into the process.

The Shaw Industries plant in Dalton, GA has had great success with KWS screw conveyors in the past. KWS configured a single inclined screw conveyor to span the required distance and simplified the process.

Inclined Screw Conveyor Replaces Tubular Drag Conveyor at Shaw Industries in Dalton, GA

Existing KWS Gather Screw Conveyor Under Dust Collector

Design Parameters

  1. Product Type – Ash and Dust
  2. Material Density – 30 to 40 Lbs. per Cubic Foot
  3. Temperature – 250 to 300 Degrees F
  4. Capacity – 5,000 Lbs. per Hour
  5. Duty – 24 Hours per Day, 7 Days per Week

KWS Advantages

KWS excels at solving bulk material handling problems and providing high quality equipment. By visiting the site and discussing the various possibilities with the Shaw management group, KWS determined that a single inclined screw conveyor would meet the needs of the plant and simplify the process. By taking on-site measurements and documenting any obstructions, KWS designed an inclined screw conveyor that would fit in place with minimal field modification.

Inclined Screw Conveyor Replaces Tubular Drag Conveyor at Shaw Industries in Dalton, GA

New KWS Inclined Screw Conveyor
Spans Over 30-Feet

Special Features

The new KWS inclined screw conveyor spanned 30-feet with an inclination of 30-degrees. The ash and dust exited the dust collector in excess of 200-degrees F and was very free flowing and abrasive. KWS utilized heavy-duty helicoid screws with double flighting at the intermediate hanger bearings. The double flighting provided consistent flow through the hanger bearing area.

Since the ash and dust were being conveyed at an elevated temperature, it was very important to keep the drive unit and bearings away from the ends of the conveyor. Bearings and reducers will fail when exposed to temperatures in excess of 200-degrees F. Pedestal and bulkhead trough ends provide a stand-off and keep the bearings and drive unit at a safe temperature. As an extra precaution, KWS split gland seals were utilized on the drive and end shafts. Split gland seals are adjustable and protect the end bearing and reducer from contamination using graphite rope packing that is compressed to around the shafts.


"We’ve used KWS for years with no issues at all."

Tony L. – Shaw Industries


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