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Gaylord Box Unloading System for Polypropylene Regrind Material

General Description

Infiltrator Water Technologies designs and manufactures products for residential and commercial wastewater treatment systems. Main product lines include septic chambers, tanks, and drainage systems. Infiltrator products are made from engineered-grade plastics and replace traditional concrete products that were standard in the industry.

Infiltrator and KWS have a long, successful relationship and have worked on many projects together. As part of a manufacturing upgrade, a new Gaylord box unloading hopper with screw feeder was needed for a new injection molding line. KWS provided a complete system and met the requirements of the application.

Boxes of Polypropylene Regrind are Dumped in Hopper

Boxes of Polypropylene Regrind are Dumped in Hopper

Design Parameters

  1. Product Type: Polypropylene Regrind
  2. Material Density: 27 Lbs. per Cubic Foot
  3. Capacity: 369 Cubic Feet per Hour
  4. Duty: 24 Hours per Day, 7 Days per Week

KWS Advantages

With past knowledge of Infiltrator’s manufacturing processes, KWS was quick to provide a solution for the new unloading system. Hopper volume and process flow rates were provided by Infiltrator and KWS provided a design for the requirements.

KWS and Infiltrator traded 3D models and developed an efficient layout for the new equipment. A visit to the site to confirm critical dimensions ensured that everything would fit and comply with the customer’s needs.

KWS Special Features

KWS supplied a box dumper hopper with additional volume for the frequent loading of Gaylord boxes of polypropylene regrind. An inclined screw feeder metered the material through a magnet to remove any foreign metal. An inspection port was added to the screw feeder discharge for sampling.

A direct-drive shaft mount gear motor was installed on the screw feeder and provides fewer components while reducing the footprint when compared to other drive arrangements. There are no belts to frequently replace or noisy chains to maintain and lubricate. The gear motor can be easily accessed for maintenance.

Flanged gland seals mount to the outside of the pedestal trough end and prevent bulk materials from leaking out of the screw feeder.

Safety is a primary concern, especially in manufacturing facilities. Bulk material handling equipment with rotating components present a risk of injury to workers. KWS provided easy-to-install shaft guards which completely enclose rotating shafts.

With the highest quality standards in the industry, along with unique, creative design and rugged heavy-duty construction, KWS provided features and benefits for Rantoul Foods that exceed expectations and provide real customer satisfaction.


"The KWS equipment is working great! Thanks for asking."

Jon Smith, Manufacturing Projects Supervisor – Infiltrator Water Technologies

Screw Feeder Meters Material to Injection Molding Operation

Screw Feeder Meters Material to Injection Molding Operation

Flanged Gland Seals Prevent Material Leakage

Flanged Gland Seals Prevent Material Leakage

Shaft Guarding Keeps Operators Safe

Shaft Guarding Keeps Operators Safe

Polypropylene Regrind

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