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Food Waste Shaftless Vertical Conveying System

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Food Waste Shaftless Vertical Conveying SystemPlant Name and Location

Converted Organics
Keasby, NJ

General Description

Converted Organics™ produces all-natural fertilizers, bio-stimulants and soil amendment products by processing recycled food wastes. These products are used in place of chemical fertilizers to grow healthy crops. Food waste in the form of fruits and vegetables are delivered to the Converted Organics processing facility. During the process, the food waste needs to be conveyed from a centrifuge located at ground level to a ribbon mixer on the second floor.

The centrifuge separates the liquids and solids. The solids discharge from the centrifuge into a horizontal shaftless screw conveyor which then feeds a vertical shaftless screw conveyor and transfer screw conveyor. The shaftless vertical screw conveyor elevates the solids approximately 25-feet where it discharges into the transfer screw conveyor, which then feeds a mixer.

Design Parameters

Food Waste Shaftless Vertical Conveying System
  1. Product Type: Waste Fruits and Vegetables
  2. Material Density: 50 Lbs. per Cubic Foot
  3. Conveyor System Capacity: 1000 Cubic feet per Hour
  4. Duty: 24 Hours per Day, 7 Days per Week

KWS Advantages

Converted Organics wanted a conveying system that would provide a limited footprint on their plant floor and move the product effectively without leakage or spillage. KWS engineers analyzed the existing plant machinery and layout to fully understand the Customer’s concerns, needs, and goals. Working together with the Customer, KWS supplied Converted Organics with a successful and effective conveying solution.

Special Features

Food Waste Shaftless Vertical Conveying System

KWS engineers designed a special shaftless conveyor system consisting of a horizontal shaftless screw feeder directly feeding a vertical shaftless screw conveyor and a horizontal shaftless screw conveyor that transferred product from the top discharge of the vertical screw conveyor. KWS shaftless screw conveyors were the best option to convey the damp, sludgy food waste of different sizes.

The shaftless conveyor housings were lined with UHMW material, which had the advantage of creating tight clearances between the shaftless spiral OD and the inside walls of the housing. All waste materials being conveyed were fully captured and conveyed with maximum efficiency. Each conveyor directly fed the next unit. There were no offsets or chutes to increase the footprint or to allow material to build up. Since the shaftless screw conveyors were completely enclosed, maintenance and housekeeping due to product leakage were eliminated.


"The KWS equipment performed so well we will be ordering additional KWS equipment for other process areas in the future."

Rob Bayliss – Plant Manager

Food Waste

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