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Elevating Abrasive Sand at BASF/Master Builders Solutions Streetsboro, OH

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Master Builders Solutions
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General Description

As part of the global MBCC Group, Master Builders Solutions (MBS) offers advanced chemical solutions for the construction, maintenance, repair, and renovation of buildings and structures. This includes, but is not limited to, concrete admixtures, cement additives, chemical solutions for underground construction, and waterproofing systems. Sand is used as base bulk material for many of the products manufactured.

MBS approached KWS to design and supply two bucket elevators as a much-needed replacement for two existing aging elevators. As parts of the replacement, it was also a chance to upgrade the throughput. Sand is received at the plant from hopper bottom trailers and fed to the bucket elevators. The increased capacity would allow the trailers to be unloaded much more quickly and efficiently resulting in enhanced productivity and cost savings for the plant.

Elevating Abrasive Sand at BASF/Master Builders Solutions in Streetsboro, OH | KWS

Discharge Lined with Abrasion-Resistant Plate for Longer Life

Design Parameters

  1. Product Type: Sand
  2. Material Density: 70 Lbs. per Cubic Foot
  3. Conveyor System Capacity: 571 Cubic feet per Hour
  4. Duty: Intermittent

KWS Advantages

The KWS and MBS engineering teams collaborated to ensure the bucket elevators would fit within the constraints of the existing equipment. KWS provided a full set of Autodesk Inventor 3D models during the review process to check for design and interference issues. Together, we were able to make any minor adjustments to the bucket elevators’ design to ensure downtime of the plant would be minimized during the installation.

Special Features

KWS provided heavy-duty centrifugal-type bucket elevators. Because the sand is moderately abrasive, the elevator boot, inlet spout, and discharge section were lined using a replaceable abrasion-resistant plate (AR400) for longer life.

The belt and buckets were carefully selected based on the harsh application to provide a long-lasting system and to avoid maintenance shutdowns. Style AA High impact and abrasion-resistant nylon buckets and ductile carbon steel “digger” buckets were used. KWS provided a 20-HP drive to ensure that there was plenty of power to elevate the sand to the 120-feet high discharge point.

As part of the KWS standard design, KWS provided an adjustable screw type take-up. The take-up frames include externally mounted split gland seals to prevent the sand from leaking through the boot shaft penetrations. These frames also include integrated platforms which provide space between the split gland seals and the pillow block bearings helping prevent bearing contamination.


"The elevators are very robustly built and should last us a long time."

Jeff Kurtz, Plant Manager – BASF/Master Builder Solutions

Elevating Abrasive Sand at BASF/Master Builders Solutions in Streetsboro, OH | KWS

Externally Mounted Split Gland Seals Prevent Sand Leakage

Elevating Abrasive Sand at BASF/Master Builders Solutions in Streetsboro, OH | KWS

Space Between Seals and Bearings Prevent Bearing Contamination

Elevating Abrasive Sand at BASF/Master Builders Solutions in Streetsboro, OH | KWS

Belt and Buckets were Carefully Selected for Harsh Application


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