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Dumpsters with Leveling Screws for Acrylic Dust

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Plant Name and Location

Aristech Surfaces
Florence, KY

General Description

Aristech Surfaces is a leading North American manufacturer of hot tubs and bath tub products made from acrylic. The first clear acrylic sheets were invented and used for fighter aircraft canopies and windshields during World War II to prevent pilot injuries from shattered glass. The Florence, Kentucky facility created the first continuous cast acrylic manufacturing process which remains the largest cast acrylic operation in the world. During the process, acrylic dust is produced that must be captured and disposed. The dust is conveyed to enclosed dumpsters. In order to fill the dumpsters to maximum capacity, leveling screws were added to each dumpster to distribute the dust evenly. Aristech wanted an easy process so their operators could move the dumpsters once full.

Design Parameters

  1. Product Type: Acrylic dust
  2. Material Density: 36-39 Lbs. per Cubic Foot
  3. Conveyor System Capacity: 94 Cubic feet per hour
  4. Duty: 24 Hours per Day, 7 Days per week

KWS Advantages

Aristech Surfaces contacted KWS to discuss a possible solution for their acrylic dust problems. Aristech and KWS had worked together on a previous project that was very successful. This time Aristech wanted KWS to provide a solution for filling dumpsters and maximizing the volume of acrylic dust in the dumpsters. While onsite, the KWS team gathered vital information about the existing equipment and determined the best solution for the application. KWS provided a detailed design of the operation for the Aristech cast operations department personnel to review.

Special Features

KWS based the leveling screw design around existing dumpsters. Using 3D Autodesk Inventor, KWS designers were able to design a special cover with leveling screw to fit the tops of the dumpsters. The leveling screw is designed to distribute the acrylic dust evenly in the dumpsters. As the material discharges into the dumpster a pile develops until it reaches the bottom of the leveling screw flights. The rotating screw moves the material along the length of the dumpster until it is full. Angled side walls were welded to the inside of each dumpster to keep the material contained and dust tight. Intermediate stiffener plates were welded adjacent to the angled side walls to add strength so operators could walk on top of the dumpsters. KWS provided a level indicator to the non-drive end of the leveling screw to detect when the dumpster was full and shut the system down. Speed sensors were placed on the leveling screws as well to monitor screw speed or failure of the system. KWS also provided inspection doors near the inlet end to allow operators to visually check the loading in the dumpsters before moving the dumpsters off site.


"Thanks for redesigning the leveling screws. Aristech Surfaces appreciates the hard work and fast delivery time for both units."

Bryan Burke, Sales Rep. – Burke Process, Inc.

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