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Diverter Gate for Separating Low-Solids Biosolids Horsham, PA (Includes Animation!)

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Plant Name and Location

Park Creek Sewage Treatment Plant
Horsham, PA

Consulting Engineer

Carroll Engineering Corporation
Warrington, PA


Worth & Company, Inc.
Pipersville, PA

General Description

Critical to the efficient startup and shutdown of a centrifuge, the diverter gate must be reliable, responsive and able to seal water. The diverter gate is mounted at the discharge of the centrifuge and provides a relatively compact means of separating low-solids material from high-solids cake and is critical to ensuring that water is not re-introduced to the process stream. Higher solids Biosolids are passed to a loading screw conveyor below. KWS designed and supplied the gate and chute with flange for piping to the centrate line and the discharge chute with inspection panel.

Design Parameters

Design Loading Conditions on Diverter Gate:

  • Static Head Load of 650 lbs.
  • Hydraulic Pressure of 22.5 psig
  • Open/Close Speed within 45 seconds

Design Features:

  • Interface with Centrifuge Controls
  • Drip and Leak-Free
  • Divert Low-Solids “Slop” Liquid to 6-Inch Drain
  • Provide Uninhibited High-Solids Flow to Conveyor Below
  • Fit Within Existing Space Constraints
  • Designed with Leak-Proof Containment Pocket to Prevent Accumulation of Sludge
  • Open/Close Easily Under All Loading Conditions
  • Spray Wash System for Cleaning

KWS Advantages

KWS designed and manufactured the diverter gate in a short period of time to address critical scheduling requirements. The diverter gate was fully engineered as part of a system including design (mechanical, controls and instrumentation) that fit into the limited available space and included the required design features. As a manufacturer in the US, KWS provides full after-sales support including start-up services and spare parts. Using KWS 3D modeling the interfaces with the building and process equipment was managed to ensure ease of installation and use. The clearance between the gate and centrifuge support frame was less than 1/8".

Special Features

The gate blade traveled on stainless steel, bronze-bushed bearings for low resistance gate movement. The gate actuator met the specific application requirements including opening and closing speed and completely interfaced with the centrifuge control system. The neoprene gate seals ensured a liquid-tight design. The KWS modular design allows use of a standard, proven gate assembly and a custom, project specific inlet chute arrangement. This ensures dependable gate performance and a short design and manufacturing cycle.


"Great job KWS! We hope to work with you again soon."

Dennis Yeakel, Project Manager – Worth & Company, Inc.

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