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Bucket Elevator for Elevating Abrasive Mixture Prince Minerals in Milwaukee, WI

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Plant Name and Location

Prince Minerals
Milwaukee, WI

General Description

Prince Minerals is a very well established worldwide company, dedicated to the design and manufacture of porcelain enamel and specialty based products for household appliances and a range of industrial, metallurgical and glass products. The main products produced at the Milwaukee facility are grinding wheels which are made of a highly abrasive mixture of sand, iron and chromium. Grinding wheels are used in handheld power tools such as angle grinders and die grinders.

As part of a process expansion at the Milwaukee plant, KWS designed and manufactured a very special, heavy-duty bucket elevator for lifting the abrasive mixture from a transfer screw conveyor to the packaging tank. The KWS bucket elevator was an integral part of the new process and designed for the harshest conditions.

Design Parameters

  1. Product Type: Abrasive Mixture (Sand, Iron, Chromium)
  2. Material Density: 90 to 160 Lbs. per Cubic Foot
  3. System Capacity: 720 Cubic Feet per Hour

KWS Advantages

Bucket Elevator for Elevating Abrasive Mixture at Prince Minerals in Milwaukee, WI - KWS

KWS worked with Prince Mineral months in advance of equipment purchase to find the optimal design for the new process. KWS engineers were able to collaborate with the Prince Minerals team to ensure proper fit-up before the manufacturing of the equipment.

Special Features

KWS provided a heavy-duty continuous type bucket elevator for the abrasive application. Continuous type bucket elevators utilize buckets that are mounted in very close proximity to each other on a belt or chain. Continuous type bucket elevators operate at very low speeds that greatly reduce wear on the components. The bulk material is gently discharged by gravity. The new KWS bucket elevator was replacing an old bucket elevator that could not keep up with the increased process capacity and was a constant maintenance problem.

KWS matched the existing inlet design of the upstream equipment. The boot and head sections were manufactured with Tsubaki inspection doors with safety grating and bolt-on removable end panels for maintenance access. The discharge spout in the head section was manufactured from abrasion-resistant steel with an adjustable throat so the abrasive mixture would easily discharge to the downstream equipment. Spherical roller bearings supported the head pulley and head shaft. KWS carefully selected the belt and buckets based on the harsh application in order to provide a long-lasting system and to avoid maintenance shut downs. Maxi-Lift Maxi-Tuff style MF industrial buckets were selected because Maxi-Tuff buckets are the best in the industry. The belt was 3-ply with an abrasion-resistant cover. KWS provided a high-torque drive to ensure that there was plenty of power to elevate the abrasive mixture.


"We have successfully installed the new KWS bucket elevator in our Milwaukee process train. We are impressed with the level of fabrication and engineering quality of the KWS equipment. As a result, we are asking you to quote on another bucket elevator."

Patrick Moran, Corporate Engineering – Prince Minerals

Bucket Elevator for Elevating Abrasive Mixture at Prince Minerals in Milwaukee, WI - KWSBucket Elevator for Elevating Abrasive Mixture at Prince Minerals in Milwaukee, WI - KWS
Bucket Elevator for Elevating Abrasive Mixture at Prince Minerals in Milwaukee, WI - KWS

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