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Biomass Screw Conveyors and High Pressure, High Temperature Reactors

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Biomass Screw Conveyors and High Pressure, High Temperature Reactors: Edeniq, Inc.Plant Name and Location

Edeniq, Inc.
Visalia, CA

General Description

Edeniq is a biomaterials and sustainable fuels innovator. They integrate patented mechanical and biological processes to efficiently and cost-effectively break down plant materials into sugars that become sustainable fuels and industrial materials. As part of the research and development program Edeniq reached out to KWS for aid in developing unique material transfer/mixing devices. The design difficulties were to maximize the residence time within the transfer/mixing device while maximizing the volume within the device. This deviates from the normal KWS engineering difficulties of conveying maximum throughput with minimum energy, wear, etc. The Edeniq model also requested detailed access ports, dewatering methods, and variable speed rates.

Design Parameters

  1. Product Type: Bagasse
  2. Material Density: 52-92 Lbs. per Cubic Foot
  3. Conveyor System Capacity: 11 Cubic feet per Hour

KWS Advantages

Edeniq research and engineering departments realized that the specific parameters needed to further the process are not the norm for the industry. After extensive due diligence KWS was selected as the most forward thinking group to work with. KWS readily took on the project and provided the expertise needed to evaluate the parameters expressed by Edeniq and make sense of the engineering with the KWS model. KWS provided budget cost numbers and then developed the engineering drawings for review. During review KWS provided invaluable queries and then solutions to the questions. KWS also provided expertise for pressure vessel analysis, engineering code vessel certification, and the quality control processes to assure that the vessels would meet and exceed code requirements.

Special Features

KWS provided engineering, manufacturing and inspection expertise to provide nonstandard material processing devices rather than material transfer devices. This included special dewatering means, flight cleaning brushes, mixing devices, and sealing methods that had to be specifically developed during design.


"KWS performed beyond expectations. They lead the process with minimal exact detail. KWS also provided invaluable input to help us arrive at a design that would accomplish the mixing/time/heat requirements of the Edeniq process."

Rich Kleinke, Senior Project Engineer – Edeniq, Inc. (2013)


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