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Expedited Delivery Saves End User $50,000.00 in Downtime

General Description of the Application

When a process stalls by the failure of a single piece of critical equipment, problems and costs escalate to a higher level. Nothing is of greater concern for a manufacturer than unexpected downtime. In the case of an asphalt manufacturer, every single day without production results in $50,000.00 in lost revenue. Costs can quickly add up to staggering amounts.

Expedited Delivery Saves End User $50,000.00 in Downtime - KWS

New KWS Screw Utilized Both Left and Right Hand Flights as Well as Kicker Paddles

Expedited Delivery Saves End User $50,000.00 in Downtime - KWS

New Drive and Tails Shafts Along with Coupling Bolts were Provided by KWS

An existing screw failed early Saturday morning at an asphalt manufacturing plant. A call was made to KWS and by midday a solution was in the works. There were no drawings or specifications for the failed screw. KWS worked with Customer to arrange a dedicated truck to deliver the screw to KWS on Saturday evening. KWS personnel immediately evaluated the screw and created drawings on Sunday morning. KWS also immediately began manufacturing an exact replacement screw.

By Monday morning the new screw was complete and on the way back to the Customer. As a result, a screw that ordinarily would three weeks to manufacture was completed in less than two days and delivered back to the Customer by Monday night. KWS stands ready to go the extra mile when it comes to meeting the needs of our Customers!

Advantages Provided by KWS

KWS provided a focused team effort to take care of the Customer and meet their needs. Due to continuous improvements and lean manufacturing techniques, KWS provides the shortest lead times in the industry. The new replacement screw was completely Made-to-Order and had both left and right hand flights with multiple kicker paddles. Since KWS keeps a large stock of materials on hand, manufacturing began immediately.

Every step of the process was expedited to minimize the Customer’s downtime and lost profits. Also, KWS provided new drive and tail shafts along with new coupling bolts for a complete replacement. Reinstallation was quick and easy.


"KWS came through on this one big time, my customer didn’t have any other options. With downtime at $50,000.00 per day, getting them up and running Monday evening was crucial. KWS can expect all of my business moving forward!"

H. Hughes – Customer

Expedited Delivery Saves End User $50,000.00 in Downtime - KWS

Failed Screw was Delivered to KWS on Saturday Evening

Expedited Delivery Saves End User $50,000.00 in Downtime - KWS

Drive and Tail Shafts of Failed Screw Also Required Replacement

Expedited Delivery Saves End User $50,000.00 in Downtime - KWS

KWS Provided a Superior Screw that will Last Much Longer than the Original


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