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Expedited Delivery of Screw Conveyors for Concorp Kansas City, MO

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Plant Location

Kansas City, MO

General Description of the Application

Located in Kansas City, Concorp provides millwright services, engineering & design, custom fabrication and precision machining. Concorp has a reputation in the industry for delivering the highest level of service and quality craftsmanship.

As an industrial contractor, Concorp provided millwright, fabrication and installation services for major bulk material handling project and needed screw conveyors. The project had a very critical time line and conveyors were needed immediately. Concorp partnered with KWS to deliver the project ahead of schedule.

Expedited Delivery of Screw Conveyors for Concorp in Kansas City, MO - KWS

Crews from Concorp Erect Structural Supports and Install Silo

Design Parameters of Application

  1. Product Type: Free Flowing Bulk Solids
  2. Material Density: 30 to 50 Lbs. per Cubic Foot
  3. System Capacity: 1,250 Cubic Feet per Hour

Advantages Provided by KWS

Concorp contacted KWS because they were looking for an experienced manufacturer to design and build screw conveyors to meet the expedited scheduling requirements of the project. With a huge inventory of CEMA stock screw conveyor components on hand and the ability to quickly manufacture any Made-to-Order components, KWS excelled at the challenge. The stock components were available for same-day shipment. KWS also provided Made-to-Order screws and troughs within a few working days and delivered the screw conveyors a full two weeks ahead of the project schedule.


"Everything went great on that last expedited order. Good work and thank you! We will be bringing you more business when we have opportunities."

Chris S., Account Manager – Local Power Transmission Distributor

Expedited Delivery of Screw Conveyors for Concorp in Kansas City, MO - KWS

Screw Conveyors were Delivered Two Weeks Ahead of Schedule


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