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Stub End Shaft

In traditional screw conveyor design the tail end shaft projects through a conveyor trough end plate, external seal, and bearing. On conveyors that are vertical, inclined, or flood loaded this design can lead to material seeping, leaking, or premature seal and bearing failure. For products with high moisture content this is especially problematic.

KWS Manufacturing has solved the problem by use of the proprietary KWS stub end shaft that uses no external seal or bearing. The KWS stub end shaft is mounted using a completely leak free gasketed mounting plate and projects internally. The tail end of the conveyor screw contains an internal bushing for the bearing surface. It can be purged with air, nitrogen, or various types of grease for long life. The KWS stub end shaft and inner bushings require little maintenance and are easy to replace.


Wide Variety of Materials – The KWS stub end shaft may be constructed out of carbon steel, abrasion resistant steel, stainless steel, or special alloys, based on the specific application.

Wide Variety of Bushing Materials – The only moving part is the internal bushing on the lower end of the conveyor screw. Various types of plastics, Teflon, bronze or other materials are used to give extended life and low maintenance.

Process – A combination of heat and mechanical leverage is used to straighten the screw.


The major benefits are less maintenance and lower cost of ownership when compared to other types of screw conveyor tail shaft, seal, and bearing arrangements.

Wide Variety of Applications – Although traditional designs are available, KWS Manufacturing Sales professionals are able to help you determine if the KWS Stub End Shaft is the right solution to meet the specific requirements for your conveying and production needs.

Horizontal Stub Shaft - Stub End Shaft - Features & Benefits - KWS

Horizontal Stub Shaft

Inside View - Stub End Shaft - Features & Benefits - KWS

Inside View

Vertical Stub Shaft - Stub End Shaft - Features & Benefits - KWS

Vertical Stub Shaft

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