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Safety is a primary concern for all employers, especially in manufacturing facilities. Bulk material handling equipment with rotating components present risk of injury to workers. Every person working in a manufacturing environment must be trained in safe practices by their employer. Even with safety training, there is still a chance for an accident to occur. KWS provides solutions to minimize risk of injury with easy-to-install shaft guards which completely enclose rotating shafts.

Features & Benefits – Shaft Guards

Tail Shaft with Flanged Bearing is Completely Enclosed to Reduce Operator Contact

With over 45 years’ experience in the bulk material handling industry, KWS has developed shaft guards for any application that meet the requirements of both OSHA and MSHA (Mine Safety & Health Administration).

Shaft guards may be required on both the drive and tail shafts of a conveyor, depending upon the type of gear reducer used. KWS has developed tail shaft guard configurations for both flange and pillow block bearings. Standard shaft guards for various drive units are available as well as custom designs for unique drive configurations.


Enclosed Design – KWS Shaft Guards are designed to enclose rotating shafts and reduce the chance of operator contact.

Rugged Construction – KWS Shaft Guards are manufactured from a variety of materials, including carbon steel, stainless steel or other alloys as required and designed for the abuse of industrial environments.


Safe Operation – KWS Shaft Guards minimize or eliminate exposed rotating shafts and the chance for an accident. Guards are bolted in place and require tools for removal by trained maintenance personnel.

Simple, Long Lasting Design – KWS Shaft Guards are easily installed and no maintenance is required.

Features & Benefits – Shaft Guards

Cut Away View Shows Complete Guarding of Drive Shaft, Low-Speed Coupling and Bearing

Features & Benefits – Shaft Guards

Tail Shaft Guards Meet OSHA and MSHA Standards

Features & Benefits – Shaft Guards

Exploded View Shows Guarding of Tail Shaft on All Sides

Features & Benefits – Shaft Guards

Tail Shaft with Pillow Block Bearing is Completely Enclosed to Reduce Operator Contact

Features & Benefits – Shaft Guards

Custom Designed Drive Shaft Guard for Inline Drive Unit is Completely Enclosed

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