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Bulk materials for the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries must be conveyed and processed without risk of contamination. Special designs and finishes are required to maintain bulk material integrity and preserve sanitary conditions.

Sanitary requirements for conveying and processing equipment are often governed by federal, state and local codes as well as various industry standards. KWS provides sanitary designs and special finishes for almost every industry and application.

Hinged Covers with Quick-Release Clamps Allow for Easy Cleaning of Internal Surfaces


Construction Materials and Finishes – Stainless steel, special alloys and engineered plastics (UHMW, Teflon) are readily available to satisfy codes and standards. Stainless steel with smooth, semi-reflective 2B mill gauge finish exceeds typical finish requirements. Stainless steel and special alloys can be polished to 150-grit finish or electro-polished for a mirror finish to meet specific specifications.

Special Features of Construction – Continuous seal welds eliminate pits or crevices. Components are waterjet or laser cut to produce a clean finish with edges rounded or chamfered. Bolted connections are located outside “product zone.” Air or inert gas purged shaft seals contain bulk materials within equipment. White closed-cell FDA-approved rubber gaskets are provided at connections.

Ease of Cleaning – Equipment is designed for washdown environment. Hinged covers with quick-release clamps allow for easy cleaning of internal surfaces. Drains are located for liquid removal. Covers or housings can be fitted with spray nozzle systems for automatic cleanout without opening covers.


Efficient Conveying and Processing – Stainless steel, special alloys and engineered plastics with polished finishes eliminate plugging, bridging and contamination of bulk materials.

Bulk Material Integrity – Smooth surfaces with no pits or crevices prevent bacterial buildup and potential spoilage. Purged shaft seals keep bulk materials contained within housing and eliminate leakage.

Efficient Operations – Time for equipment clean out or bulk material change out is greatly reduced with washdown duty design.

Features & Benefits – Screw Conveyor Trough Liners

Stainless Steel and Special Alloys Satisfy Sanitary Codes and Standards

Features & Benefits – Screw Conveyor Trough Liners

Screw Surfaces Electro-Polished to Mirror Finish with UHMW Trough Liner

Features & Benefits – Screw Conveyor Trough Liners

Possible Contamination is Eliminated with Sanitary Finishes

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