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Proper flow of bulk materials is important for the success of any process. Immediately knowing when a plug or blockage exists reduces downtime and possible machine failure. The 4B Components Binswitch Elite is one solution for detecting liquids and dry bulk granular materials.

The Binswitch Elite is a capacitance point level indicator that operates by detecting the change in capacitance when a material is present. The programmable version has a time delay relay that can be set for material presence or absence. The compact design allows for installation in confined areas such as a screw conveyor discharge chute.

Features & Benefits – Plug Detectors

KWS Screw Conveyor with Binswitch Plug Detectors in Each Discharge Spout

Features & Benefits – Plug Detectors

Close Up View of Binswitch Plug Detector in Discharge Spout

The capacitance point level sensor warns of equipment malfunction through detection of a plug condition in the discharge chute and provides a signal that is used in control panels to shut down machinery. The process may be halted to prevent damage or plugging of other upstream conveying or processing equipment, saving the user from costly repairs and extended downtime.


Simple Mounting – Binswitch Elite mounts using a 1-¼” NPT pipe coupling welded or bolted to side of a vessel or chute.

Enclosed Design – Sensor is enclosed in a corrosion and abrasion resistant, dust-tight and waterproof Nylon housing. An abrasion shield is available for use in liquids or abrasive bulk materials for additional protection.

LED Indication – Binswitch Elite detects liquids and granular solids. A two-color LED shows material present or absent with a typical sensing range of 1-inch.


Simple & Robust – Binswitch Elite contains no moving parts and is self-contained with all potted electronics. The sensor is unaffected by machinery and areas with high vibration.

Use in Hazardous Locations – Binswitch Elite is listed CSA Class II, Division 1, Group E, F & G for the USA and Canada. ATEX and CE versions are also available.

Ease of Operation – Selectable relay output that can be magnetically calibrated to be normally energized or de-energized. During calibration, the sensor automatically compensates for material build up.

Features & Benefits – Plug Detectors

Binswitch Mounts to Side of Discharge Spout with 1-1/4-Inch NPT Pipe Coupling

Features & Benefits – Plug Detectors

Binswitch Detects Change in Capacitance When Material is Present

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