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Load Stand for Bulk Material Weight Measurement

When bulk materials are transported from a plant or process site, there is usually a weight limit for the loaded truck or railcar. Bulk materials are typically stored at the plant or process site in hoppers or silos and ready to be transferred to trucks or railcars.

Features & Benefits – Load Stand for Bulk Material Weight Measurement

Controller Provides Accurate Weight Reading to Display and Plant Scheme

While loading a truck or railcar from a hopper or silo, it is advantageous to know the weight or volume of bulk material transferred. It is important and cost-effective to maximize the load capacity ensuring that the truck or rail car is not under or overfilled and that the weight of bulk material is always known. Sensors are available to accurately determine the weight and volume of a bulk material being transferred.

A Load Stand senses the weight of a bulk material in a hopper or silo and is typically located between the storage vessel and the structural supports of the storage vessel. Load Stands provide dependable and accurate continuous monitoring. A typical load stand can support up to 1,000,000 pounds per support point.

Load Stands are an integral part of the vessel structure for maintenance free weight measurements with full wind and seismic ratings. Load Stands are connected to a controller that provides a weight readout. Once the system is calibrated in the field, accurate weight readings up to 0.2% are continuously provided to the controller display and upstream plant control scheme. The controller digitally separates the changes in the vessel due to vibrations and other dynamic conditions. It can provide analog signals or with the appropriate card, digital signals via Ethernet/IP, PROFIBUS DP, DeviceNet® or RS422/RS232 serial.

Features & Benefits – Load Stand for Bulk Material Weight Measurement

KWS Hopper with Load Stands Stores and Measures Bulk Materials


One Piece Design – Load Stands are bolted to the top and bottom of the structure creating a secure mechanical connection.

Customizable – Custom mounting plates are available for different mounting configurations.

Rugged Controller – Polyester coated aluminum, plastic and stainless steel enclosures available for different environments, including NEMA 4X requirements.


Easy Installation – Installation is simplified as no external vessel tie downs are needed. A junction box is part of each load stand.

Limited Downtime – Sensing elements are field replaceable without taking the vessel out of service. Individual sensors are attached to the load stand and can be replaced by simply using a screwdriver.

Accurate Data – Controller provides stable and accurate weight readings. Weight output signals can be used at the system control level to start or stop an upstream process when a particular weight condition is reached.

Features & Benefits – Load Stand for Bulk Material Weight Measurement

Load Stand is Located Between Vessel and Support Structure

Features & Benefits – Load Stand for Bulk Material Weight Measurement

Load Stand Bolts in Place for Easy Installation

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