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Feeder Shrouds

Screw feeders are used in thousands of material handling applications and designed to meter bulk materials at a controlled feed rate. The inlet of a screw feeder is always flood loaded and typically mounted directly to a storage device such as a hopper, bin or silo. The amount of material discharged by a screw feeder is completely controlled by design parameters.

Features and Benefits of Feeder Shrouds

Stock Shrouds Fit Easily into U-Trough

Features and Benefits of Feeder Shrouds

Shrouds Convert U-Troughs to Tubular Housings for Accurate Metering of Bulk Materials

A screw feeder must be equipped with a shroud for at least 2 pitches beyond the inlet opening to prevent flooding of the bulk material past the inlet. The shroud is a curved cover that converts a U, flared or rectangular trough into a tubular housing to prevent bulk materials from flooding past the screw. Standard covers can be used with shrouds. Shrouds are bolted on both sides of the trough for easy removal and include an integrated batten bar.


Standard Designs – KWS keeps a variety of shrouds in stock for immediate shipment for use with U-trough screw feeders.

Special Designs – Bolt-in shrouds fasten to the side of U, flared or rectangular troughs with a minimum number of bolts. Designs for multiple-screw feeders or other special applications are also available.


Variety of Applications – KWS stocks feeder shrouds for all CEMA screw diameters with shroud lengths equal to two times the diameter of the screw. For example, a 12-inch diameter feeder shroud is 24-inches long. Special feeder shrouds can be manufactured for almost any design.

Shrouds are utilized to reduce or eliminate fallback of bulk materials and increase efficiency. An existing inclined U-trough screw conveyor can be easily converted to a tubular conveyor using multiple shrouds in series.

Ease of Installation and Replacement – Shrouds can be removed in minutes, making maintenance or replacement simple and less time consuming.

Features and Benefits of Feeder Shrouds

Shroud Length is at Least Two Pitches Beyond Inlet Opening to Prevent Bulk Material Flooding

Features and Benefits of Feeder Shrouds

Shrouds Fasten to Side of U, Flared or Rectangular Troughs

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