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Curved Slide Gate

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KWS Curved Slide Gates are used in a wide variety of applications and are ideally suited for controlling the flow of dry, free-flowing bulk materials. KWS Curved Slide Gates are used on screw conveyors as intermediate discharges points.

KWS Curved Slide Gates provide an innovative solution for your bulk material conveying and distribution needs. The unique curved slide plate is precision formed to accurately fit the contours of a screw conveyor U-trough. When compared to a standard screw conveyor discharge with flat slide gate, the curved slide plate eliminates the potential for material build up. The curved slide plate is guided by bronze-bushed rollers that require no grease and are adjustable in order to provide years of maintenance-free operation. Replacement parts are easy to source and low cost. Most replacement parts can be sourced from any local power transmission distributor.

KWS Curved Slide Gates can be operated by manual, pneumatic, electric or hydraulic means.

KWS slide gates are a great complement to our bulk material handling and processing equipment.


Curved Slide Gate - KWS

Curved Slide Plate – KWS Curved Slide Gates utilize a curved slide plate instead of the flat slide plate found in conventional slide gates. The curved slide plate is CNC formed to closely match the contours of the screw conveyor trough. Using adjustable low-friction rollers, the curved slide plate actuation can be fine-tuned to ensure a snug fit and smooth actuation.

Actuator Options – KWS curved slide gates can be outfitted with a variety of actuators. Every actuator is rigidly mounted to the curved slide gate steel housing to ensure it can stand-up to a life time of cycles. Utilizing either a pneumatic cylinder, electric linear actuator, manual rack and pinion or any other actuator type the KWS curved slide gate can be outfitted to fit the specific site and location based requirements of any application.


Eliminates Material Build Up – Because the curved slide plate fits snugly along the bottom of the trough, there is no place for conveyed bulk materials to gather. Bridging and packing of bulk materials is eliminated. The curved slide plate also reduces cross contamination when conveying different bulk materials in the same conveyor.

Versatile and Rugged – KWS Curved Slide Gates can be designed and manufactured for any application and constructed from a wide variety of materials and thicknesses. Inlet and discharge transitions can be adapted to fit any opening configuration.

Curved Slide Gate - KWS Curved Slide Gate - KWS

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