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Using CEMA Standards for Conveyor Design & Construction

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CEMA is a trade association that has been serving the material handling industry since 1933. The Conveyor Equipment Manufacturer’s Association (CEMA) is considered “The Voice of the Conveyor Industry” in North and South America. CEMA is focused on creating and adhering to standards for safety and design of conveying equipment and components. CEMA members are companies that represent the leading designers, manufacturers and installers of conveyors, conveyor components and material handling systems.

CEMA member companies meet several times a year to create leading edge technology for an ever-changing industry and worldwide economy. Standards are created to better educate conveyor users on optimum design and safety during operation and maintenance. Screw and belt conveyors that are designed and manufactured to CEMA standards are very advantageous because the end user receives quality equipment designed to proven industry standards that utilize industry standard components.

KWS Manufacturing has been an active CEMA member since 1990. KWS designs screw and belt conveyors to CEMA standards whenever possible to ensure that the equipment features the latest industry best practices for safety, service life, ease of installation and maintainability. However, Engineers at KWS will exceed CEMA design standards when the application dictates, such as for heavy-duty conveyors for the chemical, environmental or mining industries. When CEMA is the standard, KWS is the solution!


Using CEMA Standards for Conveyor Design and Construction - KWS

Designed by Qualified Manufacturer – Engineers from KWS create safety, dimensional and application standards for screw and belt conveyors that govern the industry. As a CEMA member, KWS is proven to be a well-established and competent manufacturer.

Designed to Common, Exacting Standards – KWS, along with other CEMA member companies, designs and builds conveying equipment to CEMA standards for safety and design.

Designed to Interface with Other CEMA Equipment – Screw and belt conveyors designed to CEMA standards utilize standard components. Bolt patterns for inlets and discharges are standardized, allowing interfacing equipment to bolt up seamlessly.


Using CEMA Standards for Conveyor Design and Construction - KWS

Confidence in Receiving a Quality Product – As a CEMA member since 1990, KWS has created many of the industry standards for screw and belt conveyors. Customers can be confident that they are receiving a quality product backed up by many years of industry experience.

Assurance of Functionality – Every KWS conveyor is designed for each specific application using proven CEMA standards as the basis of the design and supported by many years of experience. Customers are assured that their equipment will function properly and exceed the requirements of the application.

Easy to Obtain Replacement Parts – KWS stocks thousands of CEMA parts that are ready for quick shipment. CEMA standard parts will interchange with any other CEMA manufacturer. Made-to-Order parts are designed to CEMA standards and available for expedited delivery.

Using CEMA Standards for Conveyor Design and Construction - KWS Using CEMA Standards for Conveyor Design and Construction - KWS

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