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What is Offal?

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About 50-percent of every animal slaughtered is not fit for human consumption. I understand the rendering process recycles this material into usable resources. What is the meat, bone, and tissue called that is not consumed by humans?


Offal is the waste or by-product of a butchered animal that is inedible for humans. It is generally considered non-muscle meats but may include waste meat with muscle. Offal is the parts of an animal carcass discarded after slaughter and is rendered for use in fertilizer, fuel, animal foods and even in makeup and explosives.

Offal Rendering Plant - KWS Ask the Experts

Rendering Process Recycles Waste Animal Meat, Bone, and Tissue into Usable Products

Raw material at the feed end of a rendering plant is considered Offal. It is loaded into a meat bin and metered by screw feeders to magnetic separation and then to a grinder or pre-breaker. The meat is then processed by cookers to create Crax, fat, and oils.

Offal screw feeders and conveyors are the largest and most rugged in the plant. Screw diameters are typically 18, 20, 24 and even 30-inch. Offal screw feeders and conveyors are very special in design with extended sidewalls and keyhole troughs. Keyhole trough design is explained in another Ask the Experts article.

KWS has developed Rendering Industry standards for Offal screw feeders and conveyors. We have been exceeding the needs of the Rendering Industry since 1972.

KWS Keyhole Trough Screw Conveyor for Rendering - KWS Ask the Experts

Offal Screw Feeders and Conveyors are Largest and Most Rugged in a Rendering Plant

KWS Keyhole Trough Screw Conveyor for Rendering - KWS Ask the Experts

KWS Keyhole Trough Screw Conveyor Ready for Shipment

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