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I have a screw conveyor at my lime plant handling lime fines from a screener. Lime keeps leaking out of the shaft hole in the trough end creating a housekeeping problem and contaminating the bearing on the end of the conveyor. I just need a simple, long lasting shaft seal that is easy to maintain and inexpensive. What do you recommend?


Waste pack seals are the most common type of screw conveyor shaft seal because of low cost and simple design. Waste pack seals are mounted between the trough end and flanged end bearing by means of common bolts.

An opening at the top of the seal housing facilitates the packing of loose fiber material called waste packing or stuffing. The waste packing forms a seal around the diameter of the shaft and prevents bulk materials from leaking out. Oil or other lubricants can be added to the waste packing to create a more positive seal and extend the life of the seal.

All KWS waste pack seals come standard with neoprene lip seals for additional sealing.

Screw Conveyor with Waste Pack Seal and Material - KWS Screw Conveyor with Waste Pack Seal and Material - KWS

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