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I have a recently installed residuals load-out system that is not working to my expectations. The load-out screw conveyor is too short to discharge product into the center of my dumpsters. Please see the attached pictures. What the heck happened and how do I fix this conveyor?

Loading Dumpsters or Trucks - KWS
Loading Dumpsters or Trucks - KWS


Many consulting engineers treat the conveying and loadout of residuals as an afterthought and some let the dewatering equipment supplier worry about it as part of their scope of supply. The reality is most owners want their grit, screenings or biosolids conveyed reliably and loaded into dumpsters evenly with little operator oversight.

The pictures that you have supplied are very humorous but show the real root cause – the outlet of the screw conveyor isn’t centered over the dumpster so when residuals discharge, the pile isn’t centered in the dumpster, causing uneven residuals stack up. The volume of the dumpster is not maximized and the unused volume is wasted. Plus, there is no provision to level the pile along the length of the dumpster so the bin will have to be moved around in order to fill it up. The crude, add-on chute shown in the pictures allows the residuals to discharge closer to the center of the dumpster.

KWS Environmental has close to one thousand successful load-out system installations in the U.S. We can easily help you solve your residuals load-out problem. Based on the information provided, we can simply extend the length of your screw conveyor by replacing the last trough and cover section and by extending the shaftless spiral. Our engineers will recheck the structural support shown in the pictures to make sure the added loads can be handled.

KWS Environmental can also reduce operator involvement by adding additional features such as slide gates, leveling screws, additional distribution conveyors and controls systems with level sensing. Remember, when designing a residuals load-out system – don’t forget about the dumpster!

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