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KWS Diverter Gates are custom designed to provide a compact and effective means to separate low-solids biosolids during operation of a centrifuge. Typically, low-solids biosolids are characterized by the centrifuge manufacturer as those that result in a main drive torque of less than a defined value. This torque threshold output is used to open and close the diverter gate and allow low-solids biosolids to bypass the downstream process and return to the centrate tank, or as required by the process design.

KWS Diverter Gates can be provided with electric or pneumatic actuators to accommodate required opening and closing times, depending upon process requirements.


Diverter Gates Engineered Equipment - KWS Manufacturing Diverter Gates Engineered Equipment - KWS Manufacturing

Bypass Drain – A key feature of a KWS Diverter Gate is a large diameter bypass drain connection which is located immediately above the slide plate. When the gate is closed, low-solids biosolids from the centrifuge are discharged through the drain opening. The drain may be connected back to the centrate tank or to another area of the process. When the gate is open, the centrifuge discharges high-solids biosolids through the gate to the downstream process.

The drain connection size and location are designed to ensure that it does not plug during normal operating conditions. Optionally, a flushing connection can be provided to spray the slide plate and bypass drain opening with wash water when high-solids biosolids accumulates on the closed slide plate and into the drain line.

Heavy Duty Slide Plate – The slide plates are made from 1/4 up to 1/2-inch thick solid carbon or stainless steel and are designed to withstand deflection under load. The corners of the slide plates are radiused in order to prevent binding when actuating open or closed. The pneumatic cylinder’s clevis is directly attached to the tail end of the slide plate for a compact and economical design.

Low Friction Rollers – The slide plate moves linearly on low friction stainless steel rollers. Each roller is machined to precision tolerances and fitted to a bronze bushing. The rollers will not clog or seize up ensuring smooth operation of the gate.

UHMW Retainers – The ½-inch thick Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW) slide plate retainers are held in place with a minimum of two countersunk bolts on each side. The countersunk bolts are used to avoid obstructing material flow. The top of the UHMW retainers is beveled to divert product flow around the edges of the slide plate and protect the rollers below. UHMW is used because of its durability and high release properties.


Compact Design – KWS Diverter Gates are compact and custom-designed to fit in almost any space and with any drain line configuration. The gate geometry is minimized using 3D Inventor design technology. The compact, modular design allows for the integration of either a rack and pinion or ACME screw rising stem electric actuator as well as pneumatic acuators. Solenoids, filter/regulators and position switches are available options.

Reliable Operation – KWS Diverter Gates rapidly respond to the presence of high-solids biosolids. When the centrifuge controls detect low-solids biosolids, the diverter gate closes and diverts the low-solids biosolids to the drain line. As soon as high-solids are detected, the diverter gate opens to deliver the biosolids to the downstream process.

Low Energy Consumption – KWS Diverter Gates require very little energy consumption. Alternative methods of low solids separation require the use of additional conveying and process equipment that take up a significant amount of space and require a power source that is many times the power required by a diverter gate.

Versatile and Rugged – KWS Diverter Gates are almost maintenance-free. The bronze bushings on the rollers are self-lubricating. Inlet and discharge transitions can be adapted to fit any opening configuration. The gate drive mechanisms can be designed for the toughest of applications.

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