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Thermal Processor for Rogers Water Utilities Treatment Plant Rogers, AR

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Rogers Water Utility
Rogers, AR

Plant Name and Location

Rogers Pollution Control Facility
Rogers, AR

General Description

The Rogers Pollution Control Facility in Rogers, AR treats up to 14 million gallons per day (MGD) for the growing suburban city. The plant uses the Bardenpho advanced treatment process for thermally treating the processed sludge to generate Class A Biosolids. An existing thermal processor used for cooling dried sludge was a continuous maintenance problem and was breaking down due to heat, corrosion and improper material selection.

KWS Environmental worked closely with the Rogers Facility Engineering Manager to replace the existing thermal processor with a redesigned unit to better suit the environment and improve the expected life cycle of the equipment. KWS provided a thermal processor with increased surface area while eliminating multiple problem areas of the previous design. The new KWS Thermal Processor uses non-potable water as the cooling media, allowing the use of process water. The new unit was built in accordance to ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code.

Design Parameters

  1. Product Type: Dewatered Biosolids
  2. Material Density: 60 Lbs. per Cubic Foot
  3. Capacity: 50 Cubic Feet per Hour
  4. Duty: 5 Days a Week, 8 Hours per Day

KWS Advantages

Thermal Processor for Rogers Water Utilities Treatment Plant in Rogers, AR - KWS Manufacturing

KWS Thermal Processor Accepts Hot, Dried Sludge from Dryer

The new KWS Thermal Processor was designed and manufactured with all 304-stainless construction to resist corrosion. Designed to fit in the limited space allowed by the dryer and dewatering building, the new processor was inclined 36-degrees. Custom inlet and discharge transition chutes were designed to exactly fit the existing equipment flanges and ease installation. KWS certified that the unit would reduce the temperature of the conveyed material from 300-degrees F down to safe levels below 120-degrees F. KWS also followed ASME boiler code design practices and methods to eliminate the possibility of leaking and failure.

KWS is the only conveyor manufacturer capable of both thermal process design and conveyor system design. The flow path through the jacketed housing was substantially increased from the original equipment to better handle non-potable water coolant. The substantial increase in the flow area prevents particulate buildup and clogging. The KWS Engineering team visited the site several times to take measurements and review drawings.

Special Features

KWS Environmental provided a thermal processor capable of reducing the temperature of the dried sludge by over 180 degrees. The jacketed tubular housing provided robust cooling while eliminating all possibilities of leaks. The single screw, which spanned over 25-feet, eliminated the need for intermediate bearings or hangers. The pedestal trough end on the inlet end was inverted to fit within the space provided without the need to modify the concrete floor. Access to critical maintenance areas and additional drains were provided based on end user requirements.


"We consider this project a success. We appreciated your assistance when you were on site."

Todd Beaver P.E., Plant Manager, Rogers Water Utilities

Thermal Processor for Rogers Water Utilities Treatment Plant in Rogers, AR - KWS Manufacturing

Dried Sludge is Cooled from Over 300 to Less Than 120-Degrees F

Thermal Processor for Rogers Water Utilities Treatment Plant in Rogers, AR - KWS Manufacturing

KWS Thermal Processor Elevates and Transfers Cooled Dry Sludge to Load Out Area

Biosolids / Sludge

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