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Screw Feeder for Metering Reclaimed Foundry Sand SandMold Systems

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Plant Name and Location

Fritz Winter Foundry
Franklin, KY

General Description

SandMold Systems was originally founded in 1972 to provide equipment and systems to the foundry industry. SandMold Systems is part of Roberts Sinto Corporation, and is a subsidiary of Sintokogio, a major manufacturer of foundry equipment worldwide. Sintokogio specializes in the manufacture and sale of foundry equipment and is a recognized world leader in all phases of the foundry industry. Over the past 40 years, SandMold Systems has diversified and evolved into an internationally recognized equipment manufacturer and full-service systems engineering company.

SandMold Systems recently completed a project for Fritz Winter Foundry in Franklin, KY. Fritz Winter Foundry manufactures cast components for the automotive, commercial vehicle and hydraulic industries. The project was the first phase of new construction of a foundry and mechanical machining plant. SandMold Systems contacted KWS in need of a solution for metering reclaimed foundry sand. KWS worked side-by-side to help SandMold Systems design a screw feeder to meter the reclaimed foundry sand back into the process so the sand could be used again. The screw feeder was special in design and needed to be placed inside of a hopper. KWS and SandMold Systems collaborated and had numerous design changes before finalizing the screw feeder design.

Design Parameters

  1. Product Type – Foundry Reclaim Sand
  2. Material Density – 85 Lbs. per Cubic Foot
  3. Conveyor Capacity – 130 Cubic Feet per Hour
  4. Duty – 24 Hours per Day, 7 Days per Week

KWS Advantages

Screw Feeder for Metering Reclaimed Foundry Sand for SandMold Systems - KWS

Engineers from SandMold Systems and KWS worked together to create the right design for the process and to ensure proper fit-up between mating pieces of process equipment. The efforts during the design phase made for seamless installation and performance in the field.

Special Features

The KWS screw feeder was designed to be placed inside of a hopper and meter reclaimed foundry sand to another conveyor. Since the sand is abrasive, the flights were constructed from heavy-duty abrasion-resistant steel. The screw feeder housing was tubular in design to provide a very close clearance between the OD of the screw flights and the ID of the tubular housing. The close clearance improved the metering accuracy of the screw feeder and eliminated any possible leakage of sand. The tail end of the screw feeder was completely encapsulated to prevent any sand from reaching the bearing and causing a failure. A Dodge SolidLube sleeve bearing was used on the tail end to eliminate maintenance and the need for greasing. KWS added an inspection door with safety grating over the discharge so operators could monitor the flow of bulk materials through the screw feeder.


"KWS has great designs and the process worked well for our application. We are in the process of purchasing more equipment in the future."

Lance Gragg, Project Engineer – SandMold Systems, Inc.

Screw Feeder for Metering Reclaimed Foundry Sand for SandMold Systems - KWS
Screw Feeder for Metering Reclaimed Foundry Sand for SandMold Systems - KWSScrew Feeder for Metering Reclaimed Foundry Sand for SandMold Systems - KWS

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